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I had a conversation with someone the other month about people and how we need them or we don’t need them in so far as a daily dose. The person l spoke to said they would be lost if they didn’t see at least twenty people a day and l was shocked! I said l could cope with perhaps five people a day as in face to face, but not to stop and talk to a group of  five at once – that twenty seemed excessive! I asked if they meant in passing, and she answered ‘Oh no, as in to speak to all through the day.”

But people need people, but how many do we really need? By this l mean face to face, not online or otherwise application orientated .. you know like … real people!


Do You NEED People In Your Life? How Many People Do you meet with & Talk face to face with daily?

1-3 per day

4-9 per day

10-17 per day

18+ per day


Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.

17 thoughts on “MWF Question Time

  1. Wow!! At work I probably actually talk to 18 or more people, but I wouldn’t say I need to. Honestly, I think I could go days without speaking to anyone & be fine! Lol.

    1. Hey Kristian 🙂

      Well l do lol! and l survive.

      I see Dodge most mornings and we talk and chat and walk Scrappy.

      I might see a few people on the walk and just say hello. But once l am back at the house, unless we have a shopping delivery, l see no one until Suze gets back from work.

  2. Most days I prefer zero, but otherwise 1-3 will do. When I’m working I have to tolerate more than that, but that’s people I need to see for the sake of income rather than for the sake of contact with people.

  3. As I work in Customer Service/Cashier at our local grocery store I generally can interact with close to 100+ people per day. After 8 hours of that I am ready for alone time. No talking. I need that peace. Within my personal life I have a small core group that I interact with and see. That is more than enough. And T of course lol

    1. Hey Jay – lyn,

      Oh yeah when l worked retail, you couldn’t avoid them, they were everywhere like flies! Once l hit my mid thirties and left retail, l didn’t miss the flies, l just got a bigger swatter 🙂

  4. Including those I live with? 3… oh that’s only those I live with!

    Seriously though, apart from family and transactional relationships it’s generally 1-3 (or zero).

    1. Hey Karen 🙂

      Oh absolutely the magical numer is 1 – 3 or 0 totally agree.

      Suze and Scrappy are more than enough, although l can tolerate more dogs 🙂

  5. I am very much a people person. It’s a good thing because I get all the old ladies, old men, kids, mums, travelers, weirdos etc talking to me! I really must practice that ‘resting bitch face’ more if I want peace! I like it, I like people feeling I’m approachable but it drives ‘im indoors nuts. He’s very solitary, not as much as when we met but he can still go happily without talking to people if it’s not necessary. I do enjoy downtime/solitude but I don’t get it much (hence my love of long solo car journeys!!)

    1. I am quite an approachable person, and l like people to a certain degree and by that l mean l cannot stand being surrounded by people all day each day, been there done that, now l am happy with the sticker.

      But people like me because l am never rude to them, but l prefer more solitude than crowding.

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