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Read an interesting article in the paper the other day about the irritations’ we experience in life, those things that make us want to lash out bang some heads together you know?

You should know as an example that Internet Advertising Popups irk the living crap out of me, but equally so too do invasive phone calls from sellers, people who eat with their mouths open, drivers who show no courtesy on the road, dog owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poo or even those who hurl their poo bags into the trees or bushes so it looks like some kind of scary Christmas decoration instead of simply walking them to the bin, litter bugs, unregulated noises, stupid wrapping that needs an instruction manual to just get into, and the list goes on, however …


“What irritates you?”

Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well thatโ€™s what MWF Question Time is all about.

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  1. I think my biggest pet peeve is lack of courtesy, especially on the road, like you mentioned. People that don’t use their turn signals (big problem in my area,) but not just on the road, in all aspects of life. Is it really so hard to be kind and respectful? Ugh!!! I’ll get off my soapbox now. Lol.

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  2. I cannot abide rude, disrespectful children. There is no excuse for the way I see children treat adults, the way they speak to adults. These entitled savages are a product of their environment, but even that is no excuse for this behavior.

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  3. People who use the last of something and put the empty container back.
    People who use your car and return it so empty youโ€™re not sure you can even get to a gas station.
    People talking to me when I have a migraine or a cluster headache and Iโ€™ve asked to be left alone
    Grrr and people stealing toilet paper!!


  4. Telemarketers and robo calls; especially the robo calls that try to pretend to be real telemarketers.
    Fraudsters that call me up pretending to be cops or FBI.
    Calls when I am in the shower.

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    1. Wow that’s just wrong.

      We currently have a new wave of telemarket calls, when you answer the phone [and the buggers use a different number everytime to call you from] you are speaking to an automated call, so there is no satisfaction to be had when you tell them to go forth and multiply.

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      1. Yup, I must have blocked “Jenny” from blah blah health insurance around 75 times by now; and also the car warranty company that not only calls my cell but also my work numbers (even though I have never once listed my work number anywhere).

        I have started waiting for the “if you would prefer to not receive these opportunities, please press 2 now” prompts to see if that will minimize them. It has decreased the number of the calls anyway.

        In case you start getting the fraudsters…they are calling from India or possibly a Middle East country like Pakistan, heavy accent, but claim to be police or FBI (I have gotten Sandusky Police Dept., Sandusky FBI, and Youngstown FBI), the name of “officer” is however very American (last couple were “Aaron Wilson”). They claim that someone has “filed a complaint” against you, for a debt, and at that point I usually give them some serious bitching out because this is utter bs, and frankly, if you are going to try to defraud me, at least do your homework and be more plausible about it lol.

        But be aware, they are known to spoof their numbers; the first time they called claiming to be the Youngstown FBI, I checked the number online and it did go to the Youngstown FBI office. This does not change the fact that the FBI does not do debt collection, but further research turned up some information about the number spoofing for pretty much the entire north-eastern region of the U.S. They still call though; “Aaron Wilson” called again just yesterday in fact.


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      2. One of the scams doing the rounds here for a while was ‘We would like to talk to you about your car accident!”

        Which l would always answer with, “Oh right okay, which one is that then?”

        “The recent one.”
        “Which one?”
        “The very recent one!”
        “Well you have obviously got the details, which one is it?”
        “The recent one.”
        “You keep saying the same thing, however, what you are not including you twonk is the most important thing of all!”
        “WHich is what??”
        “I don’t fricking drive you muppet!!”

        I then slam down the phone.

        I blocked all their damn numbers, and still they ring – it’s because some sod has sold numbers to these people, therefore breaching data acts especially now in the UK with all the hullabaloo that has occured. So as said now we have robots speaking to us.

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      3. Hehehe, kind of like the one that keeps calling about my car warranty being about to expire… if it wasn’t for the fact its a robo call trying to sound like a real person, I’d be all “what year is it now? Yes, I did just ask you what year it is now. 2018? I see. Well, the warranty ship sailed on my car about 13 years ago, have a nice day!”

        Alas I can’t slam my phone down on them. I miss being able to do that. I only have the cell and hitting the button just isn’t as much fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. My biggest pet peeve is hearing people chew with their mouth open or talking with food in their mouth. Blowing bubble gum and popping the bubble loudly and smacking gum. Being interrupted in the middle of my sentence. There are more but this will do.

    Auto correct!

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