Duncan Heights

Episode 4 : Duncan Heights – Time is ticking …

The Stubborn Australian

Sorry about the long wait on chapter four everyone, it has been a rough week/few days. I have to write a blog about it soon, but I want it to be of honesty and not from a personal anger on the subject. Anyway lets get into it, tell me what you think about the way this has turned.

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian

                             Chapter Four

The bright lights of the city flashed by as Patrick rode in the back seat of his father’s police cruiser, it had become a regular ride along since he was seven. Looking through the car window, he watched as people cluttered the sidewalks on a summer’s evening. It had become a favourite thing to do with his father, spending Saturday night’s patrolling the inner city streets. Tonight was no different than any other night they have had in the past seven…

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