4 Paws Diary – Ep 17


Morning reading is quite tiring!

Episode 17

4 Paws Diary

17th July – 25th July

Summer Days Chillin’

Hey Gang,

Well what gives with this weather eh? It’s hot, hot, hot!!

I blame Dad for this in truth, no not the weather, just the fact that l have picked up one of his Asbee ways and it’s become a routine! But you see l ‘have’ to read the newspaper’s in the morning now, and this is what Dad does. He reads them and looks for interesting stories and then like a squirrel hoards them away on the premise that he might, yes MIGHT one day write about them on his or perhaps l should say ‘our’ kompootah.

Now l do the same, Dad gave me a special thing that holds the paper up for me, and if l see something of interest, l ask him to cut them out for me and put them to one side, where upon l then put them into my Scrappy pile of ‘stories’, Mummy thinks we are both crazy for doing so, and admittedly l used to think Dad was slightly odd before, but now l do it, so l guess that means Dad and l are both crazy!


I save all sorts of stories that l think l may have a use for, but you know it can get kind of tiring in this heat, and especially since l made Dad play me my relaxing music. So the reading of today’s newspaper can take me a few days to get through it by which time then l have another three of four newspaper’s to get through and then well, it’s catch up time.

Just in case you are wondering what l am currently listening to, see below!

It really is quite lovely. I mean don’t get me wrong, l love all of Dad’s music, but his tastes and mine do differ at times, he likes faster electronic music more than me, and he doesn’t always like what l like. As an example, l love this one below when l am feeling refreshed and racy! It is pawsome and better if you, mm, what is it Dad says .. oh yes that’s right! PUMP IT LARGE!!!

When Mummy and Dad have gone to bed, l like to chill out with Dad’s headphones and paw guitar! I listen to Queen, Meat Loaf, ACDC, Prodigy and the list goes on, and on and yes on and on again!

I am even thinking of suggesting to Dad, that we need to have a K9r music feature in TOTW! 2 Leggeds can’t always have all the fun!

But headphone music is great for me when l can finally paw up my own features like 4 Paws Diary!


I am lucky today however, Dad has been instructed to NOT do as much writing as normal, meaning l have access to the kompootah during the days and not just very early mornings when l should also sleep like the rest of the household!

During the heat we are experiencing l am tending to sleep mostly during the daytime and when Mummy comes back l am ready for the evening. Dad just thinks l am ignoring him, l’m not, l am just more sensible than even he is. Mummy says Dad should be resting, but what does he do? Yep, you guessed it, tap tap, tappetty tap! Although, he taken some notice, he is not writing as much especially long tale as he calls it, and tends to do more shorter things now. But also, he has promised Mummy that he will only write during a certain period of time on the day, and has now got a sheet up that shows him the time the posts he makes must go out. For the time he is not writing, he must rest.

He has an appointment coming up with the orfapeedic sturgeon  or something like that in August, so he is looking forward to that. He says finally he might get some answers as to why he is always in pain these days. I hope so for Dad’s sake that he does get some answers too.

Weather Warning Update:

Why do 2 leggeds not think of their dogs in this blistering hot weather? Heatstroke can kill folks! So DON’T keep taking your K9’s walking when the heat is still strong, as Dad would say and l agree, it’s not rocket science – if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for us too! Recently a dog died from heatstroke when it was taken for a walk by its 2 legged at 9am and the temperature was 21c.  Where l live the heat here is usually at the hottest time between 2pm – 5pm, but in the last week, the heat has still been at high levels as late as 7pm and sometimes starting to be really hot as early as 8am. This morning l went out for my walk at 7am, but Dad is thinking l need to go maybe at 6am.

When Mummy gets home now it is usually 7pm, and l tend to go for my walks before Mummy and Dad have dinner, so around between 7pm – 8pm, it’s warm, but not really, really hot, and we only go for a short walk. so please folks keep that in mind!

These are signs to look out for, but if you want to see more information, Paw the link here!

So my fellow K9rs if your 2 legged wants to take you out for a walk in the hot weather, don’t go! Resist the instinct and urge to say yes!

The Signs of Heatstroke:

  • Is the dog panting heavily?
  • Is the dog drooling excessively?
  • Does the dog appear lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated?
  • Has the dog collapsed or started vomiting?


I read today a story called “Real-life Lassies rush to the rescue” which talked of a study of loyalty from K9’s to their owners, you didn’t need to study it l was thinking you could have just asked me and my pals what we would do, which Dad says is exactly the same, and l said it’s not, because my Sisters and Brothers already know this to be true. Most K9’s will give their lives for their 2 leggeds!

Anyway, l must now go and sleep some more, the chill music is doing its job rather effectively, l have another K9 interview out later today and have instructed Dad very carefully that he will probably have to write it out for me as l must rest more. Today we will be interviewing Princess Diamond the Hunydog which you can see if you hit the link.

K9 Scrappy Doodlepip

Ps: don’t forget if anyone would like to do a K9 Interview we are now at number 47 with Daisy Mae and of course Huny will take us up to 48 , but l am always looking for fresh interviewees. Also more feline katz would be pawsome!

K9 Interviews

Feline Katz Interviews

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