What Did You Learn About Food Growing Up?

Respect your hunger, trust your preferences and listen to your body.

Julie de Rohan

Lunchtime had ended at my primary school.  I sat alone in the dining hall, apart from two teachers who stood over me.  They stared resolutely at me, while I stared forlornly at a plate of cold cottage pie.  Everyone else had gone out to play and I could hear the familiar noises of the playground in the distance.

I was told I couldn’t leave until I’d finished my lunch.

At 10 years old, I truly loathed cottage pie.  It was My Completely and Utterly Absolutely Worst Food in the World Ever, apart from my Mum’s curried egg (sorry, Mum).

It felt like I had been there an eternity.  The (usually kind) teachers watched as, simultaneously crying and gagging, I attempted to force down another mouthful.  Eventually I was allowed to leave but only because they realised I was actually going to be sick.

I’m sure many of you have experienced…

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3 thoughts on “What Did You Learn About Food Growing Up?

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  1. I did have such an experience…only it was with a food I still loathe to this day…stewed tomatoes. Cottage pie sounds great compared to that loathsome mess of tomatoes, onions, celery and other limp, overcooked, and largely unidentifiable vegetables. Ughh.

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