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The world has gone advertising crazy!

Why do we need all this advertising? The world survived well enough before an advert popped out at you every single second of every single day, and yet now, on the Internet we seemingly can’t survive without seeing them according to the advertising execs, well heads up people – we don’t need them, we don’t want them – wake up and start smelling the coffee you heartless sods!

RM 2018

“Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising.”

John Lahr

6 thoughts on “Random Quotes 60#

  1. Hey Ashley – absolutely spot on. If there was no demand it wouldn’t continue, but that just basically means that sadly there are people out there fuellng these trolls by clicking on the damn things instead of deleting them.

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  2. Testify. There was a time when one didn’t have all that crap shoved at them, merely because they happened to try to search for something. Of course, in those old days, the ‘net was an infant and moved about as quickly as an 80 year old…maybe it’s because it’s fast and a bit grown up now that we have to pay. Me? I PAY to have those things (ads) eradicated from most of the sites I visit. So I guess they get you one way or the other, don’t they?

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