“Ants in your Pants? No, Ants in your Compost – Hell Yes!!


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July 2018

“Ants in your Pants? No, Ants in your Compost – Hell Yes!!


Still no rain, now bordering on 10 weeks or just under thereabouts – yet having said that we did ‘enjoy’ is that the word? Is it ‘experience’ maybe, anyway we had a shower last week – it was half-hearted, and wasn’t much heavier than a morning dew in Spring – but at least it tried, then gave up.

Last year we had a similiar Summer , but it was broken by flash flood squalls, not here because l live on a hill, but l remember seeing rain run down past the house, but we have had none of that, nada, zilcho – nothing!


Yesterday it was 31 degrees in Margate at 6pm, and here it was 30 at 7pm, London was experiencing 33.

Last Summer’s rain filled our water butts, this year our water butts have been emptied for 7 weeks, the other similiarity to this year vrs. last year is l had ants in my compost heap, and they made me worried about my earthworms – l know, well l am attached personally to my harvesters as they break down the shit literally. But l was able to water my compost heap last year, but not this year. But equally l was able to dig my heap and turn it over and open it up to the garden’s birds who loved ant eating, but now l can’t touch it, as my neck and arm restrict anything being lifted that is heavier than say simply pushing the hoover around the house. So the heap is just sitting there.


However this year, the ants are back, and they’re cocky little blighters because they’ve gone and invited trillions of their neigbouring communities to join them including the fly boys! That’s right, my compost is now filled to the brim with flying ants and millions of black ants!



Suze and her gardening is doing really well, although currently with the lack of ‘free rainfall’ and therefore water it’s proving costlier in both productivity and produce. It has made us both rethink gardening, especially as she is working full time and l am out of action therefore making her already long day even harder and longer.

Last night she injured her foot whilst gardening, which doesn’t add to the joys of personal farming for your table and this morning she was limping around unable to place pressure on it.


Normally Suze is somewhat camera shy although on Sunday she attempted a rain dance much to Scrappy’s bemusement – well it was either a dance or she was going to hit me with the sticks!!


Scrappy enjoyed it though!


I guess l am either to having to await the results of what this pain is or the heavy rainfalls of Autumn and Winter before l can sort out the ants nest, however for the time being, it’s their party and my name’s not on their list!

More next time, thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on ““Ants in your Pants? No, Ants in your Compost – Hell Yes!!

    1. Good morning Crazy well if my calculations are correct it is morning for you 5.16am you are either awake or will be soon 🙂 Yes the UK is currently experiencing a heatwave, reports are that where l live may not see rain till the end of August, although there ”’might”’ be a storm this weekend.

      However because we are quite a bit to the east here, and on the coast 9/10 the wind blows it off to somewhere else, and as much as love it when the weather is hot and sunny, we could really do with some rain lol! 🙂

  1. Freaking weather is getting scarier by the minute.

    Japan has a heat wave going on, think they said 10,000 have been hospitalized with around 40 killed. Here in the States, places have been unbelievable too. I read today fire department in Austin Texas responded to a fire last week that started as a result of tortilla crumbs and other trash spontaneously combusting. And Siberia hit 90 degrees. SIBERIA. I’m in Ohio and we haven’t had a whole heck of a lot of rain either, though we had some nice showers yesterday.

    Hope you guys get some rain soon.

    1. Morning Cherilyn, quite right – the weather in some locations is astronomically freaky – but hey this is also the effects of global warming, we are going to see more unusual weather hitting everywhere.

      I am looking forwards to showers well rain, anything would be welcomed and well received about now.

  2. It’s heat here in West Virginia U.S…. though the last few days have been very nice. I’m about to try and nap a few hours. Been awake all night again. Have a good afternoon… 1230 PM abouts there now… 😉

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