Random Quotes 59#



I keep seeing these ‘memes’  or these sloganized banners, where they say ‘Can be a royal pain in the ass, l am really annoying!” and then say ‘But l have a heart of gold’

I keep looking at them and thinking ‘So what?

If you are a pain in the ass, you are a pain in the ass – don’t spoil your reputation by then saying something corny! Who gives a damn? How about honesty?

Here we go as an example of how it should read perhaps!

“I am a pain in the ass, a royal pain in the ass!

“But Guess What?”

“I don’t Care!”

RM – 2017


“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
― George Washington



One thought on “Random Quotes 59#

  1. We are all human, capable of great virtues and also capable of being a huge pain in the ass. No one can be one of them all of the time. If they are, then they have the great virtue of consistency. 🙂

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