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From about the age of 16, l started to suffer from insomnia, albeit at that time it was more of a night owl problem rather than straight out couldn’t sleep. I had had problems before that age, but l grew up in a combat zone so stress played a pretty staunch role with me. The unknown Asperger’s was also l should imagine a consideration that may also have been playing. My mind simply wouldn’t rest, so l had to make myself both physically and mentally tired before my mind would shut down for the night.

By my early 20’s, l wasn’t sleeping and this lasted till around my later 40’s. I would be lucky if l could grab 2-3 hours of sleep a night. So l would start to work all the hours until l dropped, then l would catch a few hours sleep and reboot. It is suggested that we need roughly 5 hours sleep a night for comfort and 8 for a total refresh, but we live in a world that demands more of us, so what is  ‘normal sleep pattern?’

These days and that is without tablets knocking me for 6 most days, l tend to survive on 5 hours, but what about you?


How much sleep do you get a night? How much sleep do you need?

Are you on 4, 6, 8 or 8+ or even -4  hours per night?

“Are you getting enough nightly or weekly?”


Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.

18 thoughts on “MWF Question Time

  1. Because of the hot nights and the fact I have a rotten cold, I don’t feel like I have a decent amount of sleep for ages. Last night I think I had 3 hours sleep at the most.

    By preference I need a lot of sleep to feel refreshed and able to function normally. 8 hours minimum, 10 hours preferably. I have always needed more sleep than most people I know and it annoys me that people can stay up later than I do and still be up earlier and full of the joys of spring.

  2. I need a good 8 hours sleep, though often that eludes me. I fall into bed exhausted, and drift off to sleep very quickly, but there is this persistent alarm that goes off in my head about 2am. Once I’ve visited the bathroom – without turning on any lights to awaken all the senses – I fall back into bed and then the brain kicks into overdrive.
    With all the stress of late, it’s been 5am or after before I finally find those elusive Z’s.
    When I have braved the cold of the lounge room and used my Shakti Mat, I have gone back to bed, and slept peacefully.

    1. i think that is also modern living, our brains are simply more active. The world has never been a calm place, but l do believe in the last 15-20 years alone, modern stress levels have risen enormously.

  3. I usually sleep no longer than 4 hours at a time at night and take meds to get back to sleep. I like to have a nanna nap in the afternoon if I’m lucky.

      1. Being a really light sleeper would make it worse, poor Suze! When I’m out, I’m out cold, often snoring and dribbling I’m told lol.
        Has Suze ever seen anyone about her chronic sleep problems?

  4. I somehow could relate to you finding it a bit tough to shut it down not unless I am physically tired so I push myself to workout everyday. I really love a refreshing kind of sleep so I force myself to do 7-8 hrs but it’s inconsistent. There are days I only sleep for 4-5 hrs and I use that as an excuse from having a low energy or a bad day lolll

    1. Each of us and our bodies need a certain amount of sleep per day to function, then it’s the turn of the coffee to act as a stimulant 🙂

      Over the years, l have found that l have been able to tune my body to accept very little sleep, and l suppose, it just gets used to it 🙂

  5. I am a very bad sleeper. 4-5 hours a night is all i get and then I can be exhausted but I can usually nap for an hour or so once every 3-4 days which helps!

    1. Hey Britchy, there is a lot to be said for cat naps or power naps l think they may be called now, or was that the phrase they used before cat naps? mm, either way they can be a helpful boost. I am guessing however that you probably have quite a fast metabolism?

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