Dear Blog … 9.37 – 23/7/18


Those Lost Days …

You ever have those days when the morning starts right, but then some little pixie jumps out at you, and screws with your head? Then the rest of the afternoon just turns to mush? Well that’s been my afternoon.

I have just spent 6 hours trying to write a post, and l have just deleted it. I had an idea, l knew which series, but then l got caught up one detail, that it bugged the crap out of me, then if that wasn’t bad enough, l started writing and realised that somewhere along the way l lost the plot literally and when l read it back, l realised l had five stories wrapped up into one that didn’t make any sense?

I feel this is what comes from taking a double dose of painkillers instead of the usual single tablet, to cope with the ever increasing pain in my shoulder and all it did was completely fry my brain.

I lost my thought, l lost the plot and l lost my afternoon all thanks to bloody chemicals.

Grief, l absolutely detest tablets!

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Dear Blog ……

16 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 9.37 – 23/7/18

    1. Cheers Penny, l think also a sense of frustration is present, l am my hardest task master, l should imagine like you are yours, so if l have atask set in my head, l want to achieve it for the day’s quota, so to waste so much time just makes me angry at myself, unwell or not.

    1. I think it gets us all at one point or another – tablets have been slowing me down quite a bit in recent weeks admittedly more than normal. But hey as l said there is always tomorrow… well technically ha ha 🙂

      1. I hope for you huge relief and freedom from pain and any other ailments.
        I have bought a Shakti Mat for hubby to use to relieve lower back pain, but he is a big girl and finds it hurts too much and he can’t persevere for more than a couple of minutes to start to feel the relief it does bring. I’m using it regularly, mainly when my head is so full of stressful thinking that I can’t sleep. Some Kiwi guys are having them made in India by a group of women that are looked after properly, paid a good wage, etc. It’s a modern bed of nails that rolls up and fits into a Bag of Happiness. The idea is to work your way into lying on it without a shirt on while it works on all your pressure points. Sometimes I manage 5 minutes, other times I can nearly doze off for the relief it brings. We have a cold house so when it’s -5 outside, in the middle of the night (when my brain goes into overdrive) I have to be pretty desperate to use it; but it ensures I go back to bed and sleep well.

    1. Well, l am not sure if l told you in FB, one problem has been highlighted by the doctors and that is where the neck problem first started to materialise was in what l call the trigger finger.

      My index finger is my prime mouse finger, it developed a twitch about 2 years ago.

      The doctors have told me to not stop writing but to ease back for a different reasons, one of which is the pressure l am placing on my index finger is causing my neck to react violently, so now l have a schedule of post times and l mustn’t exceed 10 posts a day, l mustn’t sit for longer than one hour, l must get up and walk about, l must try and type standing up, l mustn’t look up or down lol!

      So now have my times that l make posts on/in and have to stick to it.

      That post simply wasn’t meant to be.

      1. Hopefully sticking with those directions will ease the symptoms. I have problems with my elbow that are inflamed by using my mouse finger as well, so I often use my other hand for the mouse. Getting up and moving around is really important, and making sure your screen is the right height.
        Why can’t our bodies just do as we ask of them without the complaining…I mean pain. Lol

        1. Oh yes, the com’paining’ non stop. Our minds well they’re on a different planet, our minds live in a bubble, whilst our bodies are similiar to Scrappy, they are just the help as so become worn out quicker – ah the things my mind says l can do and yet the body is like “Seriously Mind, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!!”

          1. Don’t let Scrappy hear you call her the help! Outrageous lol.
            If only our bodies aged at the same rate as our minds – or vice versa??!

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