T.O.T.W – Prince


All of Next Week – The Life & Times of Prince


Requested by Live! Balancing Life With Jovita

Requested by Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

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  1. I will be interested to read about Prince. Personally I never really liked his music and couldn’t see what people saw in him, but I will read your posts with an open mind and may find myself converted. 🙂

    On A similar vein, you could do David Bowie, Marc Bolan and George Harrison.

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      1. Well that may not be that easy – Prince was a totally new wave of unique in every way – he wasn’t always ‘commercial’ and he struck his own chord many a time, was completely and utterly off the wall – but there may be aspects to some of his music you might like 🙂

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  2. Excellent choice! You can even give Kristian a taste of Bowie, Bolan, and Harrison, because all three can be connected with Prince. (Although, I’d also like to see all or any of the those three featured for TOTW.)

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    1. They are all going to be featured in combos and seperate in due course, l mean in truth this is a series that has a very far reach to it, and let’s honest, l’d be long gone and dust before l could ever cover everything 🙂

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