What makes us, us?

Well here we are – Quick Fire – Round 9 and Karen has a handle on it!

Blue Sky Days 365

Thanks to A Guy Called Bloke for posing the following questions.

So, what makes me, me?!

Post it notes or notebook?  notebook

Do you have a calendar at home on the wall and if so, do you actually use it for information or is just there for decoration? Or are you more of a calendar app person?  calendar on the wall (and  on my phone)

Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or shut?  shut always!

Do you smile a lot, a little, hardly ever or WTF is a smile?  a lot 😀

Did you have freckles as a kid or do you still have them now?  no freckles now or then

Are you photogenic?  erm, not really for me to say

is it just me that counts trees or do you count something when out in the car??  I count things when I’m walking/running, but too busy singing…

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