Snifty Competition No 2








Are You A Snifty Sleuth?


Something Sinister, Something Mysterious This Way Comes!!



Hen pecked or foul Murder!

Can you pullet off?

Will you be able to comb through the misdeeds?

Can we wet your beak?

Will you fly the coop?

Or will you be broody?


August 1st 2018!


Well cock – a – doodle – doo!

You’ll Just Have To Wait and See, Won’t You?

7 thoughts on “Snifty Competition No 2

Add yours

  1. Well you had this old biddy scratching in the dirt, clucking to herself and seeking a nugget of a clue. She didn’t find it, but is relieved to know that the Nifty hasn’t yet begun. Continue to throw corn our way and we’ll await your pleasure…

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