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    1. we had about two hours of light rain here in Kent kristian yesterday afternoon, but the water butts only had around 2″ of gathered water, and yet the vegetables still had to be watered as the soil was too dry. the weather centres are all saying no rain till end of august sadly – never thought l would add a sadly there lol!

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      1. I have never known such a long dry spell, I wasn’t around for 1976 and although this has been quite hot, I understand that was hotter. I hate looking out at my garden at the brown grass and the plants all wilting. Oh well We’ll have rain aplenty come Autumn. 🙂

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      2. That’s exactly it Kristian, in a couple of months time there will be plenty of rain.

        I returned to the Uk from Australia in 77, so it meant nothing to me either having come from serious heat. I was born in 63, and that was supposed to be a hot summer also.

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