Random Quotes 56#



People make me laugh!

RM 2018

“I don’t have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.”

Whoopi Goldberg

4 thoughts on “Random Quotes 56#

      1. A friend of mine, from Australia, always says how we are more polite on the roads in this country because we will let people cut in whereas they don’t. That used to be the case but I am not sure it is any more. There are so many people on the roads who I just think to myself, did you ever sit and pass a test or pick up the highway code because it doesn’t look like it. Oh well, rant over for the day. Hope you have a nice one. 🙂

        1. You too my friend. Strangely enough Suze’s daughter now live in Australia, and is an ex UK police cop – she is an excellent driver and was a police speed driver for many years and one of the things she says about Australian drivers is that they don’t know how to drive in the first place, and they have no manners.

          But l have seen Britsh driving and politeness especially in the last ten years alone falter beyond logic, so l too ask myself the question as indeed you do “How did you pass your test!!?”

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