We Are Wired For Shoe Lust!

What is made of leather, a foot long and sounds like a sneeze? A shoe!

no seriously folks, ever wanted to do some sole searching?

Read on!

According to some really smart and scientific types of people, shoes have the ability to trigger dopamine bursts in women. There are even brain areas that are stimulated when we buy shoes. Scientists have proven that shoes make women happy and apparently we are wired for shoe lust! That’s great and all, but I’m wondering how many of my tax dollars went to these studies.
I get it, science. You want to find the reasons connecting our shoes to our happy juices. Once and for all, YOU. WANT. TO. KNOW. This is not a hard question. Just ask women – why do you love shoes? Here’s the answer – EVERY reason!
They are empowering. They are protective. They are stylish. They make me taller. They’re always changing. They make people look. They make us walk sexy (that is if you know how to walk with high heels). They bring to us a…

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