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This weeks TOTW choice has been Requested by Laura Beth of Hot Shot Headlines


John Belushi 1949 – 1982


Top 11 Films/Series

You were either familiar with John’s work or you weren’t, it really is that simple, however whilst you may not have been aware of some of the previous work he performed, there are not many people that haven’t heard of this film below.

The Blues Brothers – John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Aretha Franklin, John Landis, James Brown, Ray Charles, Carrie Fisher,Cab Calloway, John Candy,1980 [2/11]

Continental Divide – John Belushi, blair Brown,Allen Garfield, Tony Ganios 1981 [1/11]

Even today l am astonished at how few people really knew about John Belushi, mind you not many specifically know his brother James either. If you mention films like Animal House or 1941 very few people have heard of these cult classics. Mention The Blues Brothers and most remember Dan Ackroyd, and not John and yet he was the other significant half to the Blues Brothers.

He was one of the first performers to appear on SNL – Saturday Night Live, and if you go back and watch some of those clips, many of what and who l consider to be great American comedians were on that fabulous show.When you consider some of the greats of our time that also arose from SNL like Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, Jane Curtin, George Coe and the list went on and still does.

He was in my eyes an incredibly energetic personality that oozed comical appeal and it was a sad day when he was lost to the entertainment industry.

So there we go folks the final part of  John Belushi Week!

This weeks choice had been Requested by Laura Beth of Hot Shot Headlines

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