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Even though it would be great for publishers or reviewers to write the way we would love for them too, the truth is they will write the way they are trained, or how the emotionally react. So how can we handle the responses that sometimes leave us ready to use our main characters to slaughter those who attack our work? Here are five points that can help us tame the beast within.

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How do you handle it, but perhaps another question would be, how do you deliver it? A great post by Stubby.

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  1. I tend to piss people off who give me criticism because I don’t just “accept it and say thanks”… I listen to what they say, think about it and respond. That happened quite often when I posted my current WIP chapter by chapter on my blog. One reader didn’t like the characters names, so I explained they were placeholders. They were quite happy to hear that and still ask when it’s going to be released. A reader for a story yesterday, said “don’t tell me it’s 1922 show me. I stopped reading after that”…well, I don’t think he was reading before that or else he would have known that the two characters were 10 years old and it was a story within a story. He became quite irate when I thanked him for letting me know he didn’t finish reading, but that kids would say “it was 1922” at the start of an oral story. His rant went on most of the day about this and that.

    When I give criticism it depends on where they are in the process. I read a raw chapter the other day and you don’t critique grammar, spelling, etc. The main thing people want to know is if you would keep reading.
    Now if the draft is complete and it sounds like they want to hit that publish button, then you critique everything.

    When giving criticism, though it’s important to start with a general positive on the work as a whole. Even if it’s just, “I could tell you put a lot of thought into it or effort into it”. After that have one negative aspect followed by a positive one. As much as people want to hear your opinion, too much of one and not enough of the other is a slap in the face.

    That’s just my .02 worth.

    1. Good afternoon 🙂

      I think your 2 penneth worth is good stuff 🙂

      I also strongly believe in the sweet, bitter, sweet philosophy. I used it as a manager for many years during training others, give them some sweet, then the sour and then the sweet again, always works 🙂

    2. Well Said, Haunted Wordsmith. Indeed we all wish to know others are going to follow along with a story. Sounds the way with my Duncan Heights series they are first draft chapters, something to get advice from others and also a hint to see if others are interested in reading.

      Those that critique without reading it through or thoroughly drive me insane.

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