What are the true primary colors?

When you think in colour – how do you think?

Fashion is about color, and color is more complicated than we were told, that is, the basics of everything we see boil down to three primary hues – red, yellow and blue. Master the interplay between these three tools, and you have mastered colorimetry.
This is, at least, what our elementary school teachers tell us.
New research may actually point to a slightly different set of primary colors that are based on the way that our eyes receive wavelengths in the spectrum we define as visible light. To be purely scientific and biologically precise about the whole issue, the primary colors should be defined as red, green and blue.

3 colors to rule them all?

Wait just a minute – don’t you have to mix yellow and blue to get green?
If we are talking about paint, yes, you are absolutely right. However, light works in a different way from…

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