Advocating for our Kids in a Dysfunctional System

It’s exhausting, frustrating and upsetting hitting brick walls, however I do find it bloody rewarding when I feel we have gotten somewhere. It’s so easy to slip through the cracks though if you don’t speak up and are consistent with that voice.

Family Furore

There are a couple of reasons I wanted to write this blog. One was to try and explain myself to me (i.e. why I’ve become so fucking angry and impatient), so I can have some peace. Another was to let parents who are new to the system know that sadly, it’s the loudest voice so to speak (not literally) that gets the help you need.

If you have a child with mental health issues, advocating for them becomes part of life. They no longer fit the norm and society’s still so ill-equipped to effectively manage anyone who can’t be squeezed into square holes. Society is run by a strict set of rules and schools and support services have policies and procedures that offer little, if any, flexibility. They’re often at odds with the needs of our kids and need to be challenged.

The whole mental health system needs more funding…

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