“How does your garden grow?”


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July 2018

“How does your garden grow?”

Officially no rain for 8 weeks!

Well when you consider that the last update on Suze’s vegetables was only 12 days ago in “Shit Happens“, the garden despite no rainfall [from the clouds and only from the watering cans, the garden has leapt! It’s brilliant news that my compost and mulch is holding its own, and Suze’s hard graft. That woman astounds me at times, hard as hob nobbed boots she is! Works and is out of the house for 12 hours five days a week, comes back and then waters the garden despite being knackered, she never stops. I can’t do anything at present to help, lifting a watering can and l am done for, so l am feeling somewhat guilty at present.

Her strawberries produced a bumper crop, the potatoes of which half have been dug up produced a bumper crop so far, and now the courgettes, squash and tomatoes are starting to flower and the first signs of fruit are appearing. They are like triffids in 12 days. The beans are also in full flower and producing little spriglets.

Whilst the snails are finding the weather too hot, the ants are now in full strategic battle plan, we have armies of reds and blacks attacking everything in sight and swarms of birds now attend to any stragglers!

Teepee Village – it’s a jungle out there!










New Courgette/Tomatoes Plantings


But if we thought that the garden had gone crazy with a growth spurt, the microenvironment of the greenhouse, well that is true triffid territory.

Squash, Tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers, aubergines and cucamelon!




The fruits of Suze’s hard labour are paying off … and yet whilst l was taking some photographs of the garden roses’ l spotted something rather odd?



I knew it!!

She resorted to using magick!!

More next time, thanks for reading.




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  1. Gorgeous photos! I don’t know if this is helpful but I read that talcum powder keeps ants away. I tried it on our strawberries and it worked. Just have to wash really well. 🙂

    1. Morning, yes we too have read that, as of yet not tried it. Ironically the ants are leaving the strawberries be just attacking everything else 🙂 Have a lovely day.

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