4 Paws Diary – Ep 16


“Doesn’t exist, who you think this is then?”

Episode 16

4 Paws Diary

4th July – 16th July

K9’s Don’t Mow Lawns!!!

Hey Gang,

Well what can l say since l last spoke to you? Not much, it’s been beautiful weather, very warm, maybe a little too warm for me as l am an old dog, but we have the fans going inside the house and Mummy says that moves the air around and makes it cooler. But l have found myself sleeping a lot, a real lot, in fact, lots and lots and lots! But hey l go for my morning walk before the sun ‘wakes up properly’ as dad says, and a later evening walk, when the mummy says the ‘sun is winding down for the day’. So apart from a few minutes of sun puddling during the day, l tend to stay in more.

Every day l get brushed whether l want to be brushed or not now, every oppawtunity mummy and dad get if they see me in the garden they creep up and pretend to fuss me, but l know what they are doing! They are brushing me with their hands! I don’t mind with their hands, but the moment l see a brush well that’s it l am out of their vicinity!

Dad says l am just moulting all the time, and mummy says l moult all year around and my coat never lets up! Which got me to thinking … l don’t wear a coat, my fur body is on me all year around, each and every day my fur is on my body, so how can my coat let up? Dad said he was going to shave me like he shaves his face every morning, and l did not fancy that one little bit. No way!

When l see him with his shaver in hand, irrespective to how he says that he is shaving himself, l don’t trust it, so l scarper! I mean they creep up on me in the garden, yes that’s what they do. I am enjoying some lovely warm sun, and then suddenly they are both there and l know that whilst it’s nice, it’s not just fussing it’s defurring me, so even if he says ‘Panic not Pip, it’s just me,’ l don’t trust it!


The other day, mummy said l was starting to smell, and l was l thought l am smelling this bush, what do you mean? Then l heard them whisper between themselves, and suddenly l knew ….


…….. l was trapped in the garden! Dad had shut the sliding door to the house. I had seen the big red horse bucket in the garden but as mummy was gardening, l thought it was for her. I am so foolish!! I should have known! But as dad shut the door, l saw the towels in his hand!



So l just sat down and pondered what to do, what action, should l take? I was not to simply give in gracefully, l had to make it hard for them, especially dad and his annoying clickitty – like this image here with me NOT looking at him, as he laughed! So l then gave him a look to hopefully make him feel guilty!


But that didn’t work! I had to resign myself to the fact that l was going to have to be bathed, which meant that mummy had meant that l smell!!

But l wasn’t going to make it easy, so whilst the debrushing was going on, l was calm, and allowed dad a few clickittys, not too many but enough, you see, l wasn’t going to let dad ever get another clickitty like the one below from a few years ago! No way!


2015 Bath time [Yes l have had more since then, but this was the image that l was so annoyed about – like really is there no dignity in the world?]

So when it came to washing, l wriggled and squirmed, and dad had to help hold me, and that way he didn’t have his clickitty box with him, and yet when all was done … he then clicked this one!!! He thinks this is funny??


After l was dryer, mummy said l had to wait fifteen air minutes before l was let back in the house! So l had to glare at them instead with a true Scrappy Doodlepip stance!


But then, l really showed them both who was boss because l did this ……….


…………. and this BOL BOL BOL!!


My Dad

Someone recently said that my dad could not exist because he was never in any of the clickitty’s and l was mortified! Who do you think l am woofing about if not my dad? He is the one taking the clickitty’s  for barks sake he may be clever but he can’t be in two places at once, so l asked mummy to use her smaller talkie clickitty box to take some clickitty’s of me and my dad!


I love my dad!


I tell him all the time!

And he moves to, proving he is not some clickitty with me simply inserted into it!

K9’s Don’t Mow Lawns!!!

Mummy and l were wuffing the other day and we were discussing why do some K9 owners walk their dogs in this blistering weather at the height of the day. Dad was talking to someone the other day about it too, and they answered “Well l do it now because l want to mow the lawns in the cooler weather and dogs don’t mow the bloody lawns do they!” Which dad then answered with, “Well why don’t you try wearing a bloody fur coat all day then and see how you feel about it!” Oooher l thought, dad and this other man were looking a bit heated themselves! However the man just walked off, leaving dad muttering to me about silly people, and l agree. Just because you can walk us in the really hot weather, it really is best not to … please.

Anyway, l will catch you all later as it is time for my third afternoon nap!

K9 Scrappy Doodlepip

Ps: Update on dad and his soreness. He went for an Exray today, and they are hopefully going to find out why he is in so much pain on his right side. Will keep you updated.

Ps: don’t forget if anyone would like to do a K9 Interview we are now at number 46 with Ollie the Dog, but l am looking for fresh interviewees. Also more feline katz would be pawsome!

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  1. This is awesome. Thanks K9 for this great read. You are a very stylish dog. I do hope your dad get better soon.

  2. Hey! Hope you are doing great!
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