behind my screen

This is an awesome perspective piece from Amberley.

fuck the lemonade

The universe behind my screen is scary
Full of yelling, screaming tortured pain,
horrid words typed all in caps
My language maltreated
Circumcised words spliced Frankenstein style with numbers
Videos and sound, vulgar and violent even if not pornographic

The universe behind my screen is hateful
Friends tear each other apart like loaves and fish and hearts
Two many buses to throw each other under
Secrets kept like money at a strip club
Trust is a like a good vibrator, a priceless commodity that should only be shared with myself
Why is anger given so freely when love is never wasted

The universe behind my screen is blinding
As I look away for a moment I see the things I have been missing
I have missed the leaves falling from trees
I have missed time or misplaced it
I have missed the signs the IRL universe held up for me…

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