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  1. My daughter and I love the Cheshire cat. We even did a Color Run a few years back and dressed up as the Cheshire cat. Made our own pink and purple tutus, cat ears and t-shirts! I’ll have to post a picture and do a blog post on that I guess.

  2. I love the Cheshire Cat! I’m not a lover of tattoos. Not for me that is.I’m not a fan of the idea of needles poking dye under my skin, it kind of makes me feel queasy. I did see an AMAZING tattoo though of the Cheshire cats teeth but when you looked under a black light the whole Cheshire Cat showed up.. that’s probably the only tattoo I’d ever consider because it was so incredible (but even that is do not happening!!)

    1. Hey Britchy, and people say they wouldn’t want to be in my head and yet here l am trying to figure out how tattoos came into it from yours lol!

      Years ago , l wanted to have a tattoo on my back of a samurai jumping out of my back, and then they told me what it would involve, l stopped then, and decided to simply draw the samurai jumping out of the canvas and then hung that on the wall, rather than having an aging samurai on an aging back 🙂

      1. Oh you beast! I stayed right on topic with my beloved Cheshire Cat lol
        Tattoos – or rather their creation is too torturous for me to seriously contemplate!

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