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Let’s have some fun for this morning – let’s talk about socks!

I have roughly 20 pairs of sox, mostly in cotton and bamboo. I don’t have any bright colourful ones, l need to get some, mine are basically quite boring really 🙁 

I buy 2 -3 pairs every 4 months or so, and probably have a few pairs that have a hole or two, l prefer wearing  odds over evens, but Suze is not that keen on that behaviour ha ha!

I spend on average about £5 a pair.

In truth, personally l am not keen on socks and as a youngster l used to hate them with a passion, it was the seams.


How many pairs of socks do you have roughly, l am not expecting you to run off and count them [unless you want to lol], but how often do you buy socks? What fabric are they? Are they plain one colour or fancy design? Do you wear odd socks or have to be balanced and wear evens? When you buy socks or sox as l know some refer to them as such what else do you buy with your socks? What’s your average spend per year or per pair?

Like l said let’s talk SOCKS!


Everyone loves a bit of banter, some discussion, topical talk, well that’s what MWF Question Time is all about.


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  1. I hate spending money on socks, so I will buy value packages of multiple pairs of socks, and I’ll buy lots at once so I can put off the next sock shop as long as possible. I like my socks to match because I’m organized that way, but mismatch is doable when single socks disappear or get holes

      1. Understood. Waiting for my knitted pair from my daughter. Maybe this Christmas. My next birthday. Or just because she loves me. I will earmark this post and post a pic of them, if indeed i get a pair this year! 🤔 btw, the socks she knits are beautiful.

  2. I probably have between 50 to 75 pairs of socks and I am always matching them…the come in a variety of colors so that I can match them to my outfit (I have to match…it’s an OCD thing.) I usually buy for comfort but in the summer love to go barefoot unless exercising and wearing running shoes.
    My personal favorites were a gift from my nephew that I didn’t notice when I received them said “Bite me.” It was a shared common phrase we both said. I had put them on at 6:30 in the morning because my feet were cold. I called his mom and we laughed for a half hour…he did not have a clue nor she that they said this either. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

  3. Oh, goodness. I buy them frequently, always looking for that “perfect” pair that is non-binding, not too tight, not too loose, matches the polka dots in a fave top, or just because I find some that are too cute to leave behind and usually on sale. I have approximately 75 pairs of sox, not all with mates now, but since they are all still wearable, I wear the first two I come up with in my half-awake state in the morning. Love cotton most, have been known to darn my faves when they get holes, usually wash them by hand to preserve the yarn they are made with, even have a pair I almost knitted myself. I say almost because the first one is still on the loom, and the other ball of yarn has disappeared into the ether. Yeah, I love sox.

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