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It’s Sunday folks! So here’s to wishing you a totally fantastic day whatever you may find yourself doing!

Today is the final episode of the John Hughes collection and yes AND the last of QFTD as a series. There is a new series in place that will start next week and will be kicking off with Freddie Mercury and Queen so make sure to look out for TOTW – Theme of The Week which will run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday only.


This week we have been looking at Johns films from 1990 to 2000 and so far we have seen these little gems.

Home Alone – 1990

Curly Sue – 1991

Beethoven – 1992

Beethoven’s 2nd – 1993

Miracle on 34th Street – 1994

101 Dalmations 1996

Flubber 1997


But DO you remember this??

Beethoven’s 3rd 2000

Okay sure, you don’t want this film as your last, l get it! I love dogs, l loved the Beethoven series – however 1 and 2 were enough, as a series this ran on for ever!

Beethoven 1992

Beethoven’s 2nd 1993

Beethoven’s 3rd 2000

Beethoven’s 4th 2001

Beethoven’s 5th 2003

Beethoven’s Big Break 2008

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure 2011

Beethoven’s Treasure Trail 2014

It became a huge franchaise that made millions of dollars. Only the first 2 films were actually cinematic experiences, with the rest hitting the video and DVD markets only. In 1992 with the first and l feel the most lovable next to perhaps the second film, Beethoven was the US’s 26th largest grossing film with an astounding $57+ million, the first showing grossed nearly $8 million, and in fairness, that is something to not be scoffed at.

But l get it, really Rory, you are ending this series with that?


I am ending the series with this,

Reach the Rock  1998

John Hughes

Of all the John Hughes films, if l had to select 10 of the best?

In reverse Order with 1 being the top!


Home alone


Mr Mom


Pretty in Pink


Sixteen Candles




Weird Science


Uncle Buck


Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


The Breakfast Club

These were my best, but what about you, what were your top ten favourites?

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  1. Nice final post Rory, I loved that movie the breakfast club I always had a thing for Molly Ringwall. ❤️✌️


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