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Lingo Jingo …

Suze started work on a temp basis for a firm in Margate, Thanet, Kent about 5 weeks ago working in the ‘charity indusrty’, or what is sometimes referred to as l think the Third Industry, it’s an inner housing project which was quite a pleasing securement for Suze who has always wanted to do more for people on a professional basis. A couple of weeks ago, this firm advertised a full time vacancy for the same position for eventual relocation to Dover which would be way easier for her travelling time considering we are closer to Deal than we are Margate and Dover is literally a stone’s throw from Dover, this placement will be in effect from August 1st. It will be way better for Suze, 15 minutes travel time each way in comparison to the 45+ minutes daily route to Margate. Suze applied and landed the role last week so she is feeling quite pleased with herself. It was  also a great boost to her confidence which had taken a bit of a blow with the menopause.

But something she briefly discussed in the early days of working there was that the Margate office was full of swearers! Now Suze is not Miss Prudish Prim herself, and she always said my swearing was appalling and let me clarify that for the moment – sure l swear, yes l do, but and however l am perfectly able to hold a conversation with people without feeling the need to swear just for the sake of it – however it was astonishing to hear her say that her office swore at everything and she put this down to the nature of the job itself. It’s not always easy working there when a lot of people ring up daily enquiring about housing, and are usually entering the call quite vexed! She has been called all sorts of things since starting there and if she can say anything about the job, it is certainly front line desk work and has toughened her up a bit.

But l have noticed in the last few weeks that her language has become a lot more colourful and freely so ha ha!

Every time she is out in the garden on one of her ‘snail hunts’ well it certainly is funny listening to her now, ‘effing and blinding this’ and ‘cussing and cursing that’, l said to her the other day when she was getting something out of the freezer and she exclaimed ‘Fuck that ‘s cold on my tits!” Which did make me laugh out loud and shake my head in bemusement, she asked what was so funny, and all l could say was “I am glad darling that this office lingo jingo is having no effect on your what so ever!”

She just glared at me, got to laugh!

Sometimes, they just make coffee cups too small… — raynotbradbury 

Ray made a post yesterday which l reblogged and you either read it here or pinged back across to her, but it was an interesting post for it made me think on something and not just coffee, although it was to do with coffee and that was ‘the Coffee shop’ itself. Ray’s post displayed images on a shop she frequents where everything is available for sale and not just the beverages which is a unique concept although not totally new, as l am sure we have a few in London that offer that, don’t hold me to it, but many years ago l remember a cafe having a similiar set up, or maybe they were closing down.

But it made me think about how many people actually drink coffee in a coffee shop? I have never specifically done that, coffee has always been a practical drink to me, not a social drink, just a drink that l like. I began drinking coffee in Malaysia and it was the amahs that introduced it to me, they used to drink a very heavy black coffee almost Turkish like, very thick to the same consistency of syrup and l used to love that. So from around of  6 – 7 l began drinking coffee and it’s been with me ever since. Many of my own age may have started with tea, and whilst l don’t mind the odd cup in the morning, my daily flow of warm liquid is coffee.

I have started drinking black coffee in the last two years because l have had to give up many dairy products with my stomach, so began to really appreciate black. I don’t like fancy coffees or bean coffees l am a heathen in many respects as l prefer cheap instant varieties only. I tried the various milk replacements such as soya [cardboard], hemp [cardboard] and even almond [sweetened cardboard] and l am not particularly fond of coconut. So black is the best way for me.

I sometimes with Suze go into a Costa cafe and we have a coffee and then we go. I could never understand the premise of drinking coffee like they did in Friends at the Central Perk and also l can’t stand Starbucks, not them, they are fine, but that kind of McDonalds approach to coffeee, there is way too many people, and l find myself on the spot and stumbling around like a headless chicken when all l wanted was/is a black coffee which Suze tells me countless times is an Americano, but it’s not, there is a difference! I just want a black coffee!

But the whole social thing with coffee shops l don’t get?

So are you a social coffee drinker or a practical coffee drinker?

Recently someone asked me if l was ever planning on writing fiction in consideration to the style l currently write which is l guess true stories, and l answered l didn’t think l had the imagination to write fiction properly. My father is currently writing his autobiography, and l feel that it may be another let down, the previous 2 have been so far. The problem is that dad doesn’t write a fact based story of his life, he attempts to fictionalise it which confuses me at times. Yet, l keep telling him to perhaps concentrate upon writing fact based books as his mind is keenly astute to that style, but it’s his life even if in another person’s stride so it’s up to him.

I have a couple of things l wish to write notably Scrappy’s pawtobiography for a different approach and sometime soon start my own but only looking at a ten year stretch of my life in comparison to all of it, which l struggle with because at my current age of mid 50’s, there is still so much of life left, what have l got to say concerning all of my life which has not yet been lived?

But l thought a ten year period book for 2008 – 2018 would be more reflective upon my life to date than a story ranging from zero to now. Hell l write about my life as is in my blog, so many a times l consider my adventures better than a book of fiction.

However l had another conversation with Stubby [if you are not familiar with his blog, then have a dekko at his Duncan Heights series and go from there]. He is currently writing an interesting blog so it is well worth the visit.  We were discussing various writing styles and ideas and l said that if l was to write a fiction it would probably be very dark and erotic, which l think is where my mind could play a tune if not carry a melody, but time will tell on that, it always does.

How about you though? Do you have a book ready to pounce out of your mind?

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7 thoughts on “Dear Blog …12.10 – 08/7/18

  1. I’m in Vancouver, Canada, where there’s a Starbucks everywhere you look. One of the things I like about Starbucks is that it’s a good way to be in a social environment yet still be asocial. I’ll get my latte and plunk myself down with my laptop, all the while not saying a word to anyone besides placing my order, and I can feel like I accomplished something that’s a step up from hiding out at home with the guinea pigs.

  2. On the subject of social or non-social coffee drinking I swing both ways. If I want to spend time out of the house either with family, a book/magazine or to write I’ll hit up a coffee shop. If I need a coffee then I’m more likely to get one to go or make it at home.

    Suzies office sounds like a kitchen lol

    Cheers for the shout out. Posted a blog earlier on what not to do when reviewing. Stop by and say hi 😁

    1. Hey Stubby,

      Yes indeed, although having worked kitchens, they still might lead the way, l learned some very stylishly artistic ways to swear when cheffing 🙂

      Will do and no problem to the tag my friend 🙂

  3. I love hot coffee black but iced coffee white. Weird I know! I’m a huge lover of Dunkin Donuts coffee so I do grab one if I’m out and about but Dunkin is more like a McDonalds setting than Starbucks. I don’t like Starbucks at all their coffee is nasty and their staff, in my experience – are pretentious gobshites. Actually I honestly can’t tell the difference between Starbucks coffee aroma and skunk road kill.
    As for Costa in the UK, I never liked them. I always found it bitter and burnt. Spoilt water was how I referred to it! I love Greek coffee and will often get a triple espresso or a Americano with a turbo shot. I know that’s a lot of caffeine but I suffer from a Vaso dilating headache condition so caffeine, as a Vaso constrictor can actually help me and prevent the need for nasty ass meds so it’s all good!
    Actually there’s a thought. Try a double espresso and see how it helps pain relief for you!

  4. I’ve done the social coffee thing with friends before in the past but I mainly go for coffee in the morning need that boost to wake up my brain fully.

    Suze work sounds like sailers talking 😂.

    I’ve been working on writing two books for a couple of years now, there the same but from two different perspectives, there fiction but based on real facts about being Transgender, you can find the one on my blog it’s called ” The Comelion ” the other one it’s locked away on my computer. ❤️✌️


    1. Hey Dawn,

      Yes l agree Suze does sound like she is starting to sound like the sailers lol!

      I will check out the title you suggest 🙂

      I think everyone has a book inside them 🙂

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