Good Morning Everyone, it’s the weekend!

Our time with John Hughes finally draws to a close as indeed does the QFTD series. Today and tomorrow episodes are the last.


This week we have been looking at Johns films from 1990 to 2000 and so far we have seen these little gems.

Home Alone – 1990

Curly Sue – 1991

Beethoven – 1992

Beethoven’s 2nd – 1993

Miracle on 34th Street – 1994

101 Dalmations 1996

Flubber 1997

But DO you remember this??

Flubber 1997

Robin Williams – absolutely awesome actor!



Phillip Brainard: If we were interested in making money, we wouldn’t have become teachers.

Rutland Coach: Hey, are you blind? They’re doin’ something illegal out there.

Referee: Coach, nowhere in the rule book does it say anything about jumpin’ too high. Now sit down!

Weebo: Maybe you should just go without me.

Professor Philip ‘Phil’ Brainard: Why?

Weebo: Because I get car sick.

Professor Philip ‘Phil’ Brainard: Oh, come on. You’re not gonna blow chips.

Weebo: No!

Professor Philip ‘Phil’ Brainard: You don’t have a stomach.

Weebo: I have a queasy gyro.

Have a great Saturday folks, tomorrow the last John Hughes entry.

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