Dear Blog …10.45 – 07/7/18


Strange days …

It’s been hard, at my own concession to deal with this level of pain without the aid of any kind of tabletss. I have used a powerful ibuprofen cream and cold heat sprays. But at times the spasms that shoot down my right arm from my neck, and then cross into my upper and lower back and my shoulder blades are just evil. I have gotten used to the pins and needles and numbness in my right hand all the way to my elbow, but the pain in the crook of the arm certainly takes some getting used to!

But l am determined to NOT take any more tablets and risk screwing up my abdomen any more, l can cope with the current pains, but not endless stomach cramps and steady and continued visits to the toilet! At the rate it was occuring l was beginning to feel the time for investing in the toilet paper business would soon be upon me.

I hope the x-ray appointment hurries up as the waiting game is really testing my metal.

As they say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – right?

Suze was helping her son and his family today with packing for their house move and has come back more injured than before as she too now has neck and shoulder pain! Great now we are both hobbling around and leaning to our relevant non painful sides. However Suze is a terrible patient bless her, and any advice l offer her in sympathy falls on deaf ears! Plus she doesn’t want to hear the above credo either!

However it’s not all bad, a topless Suze just approached me and asked me to spray her .. ooher l thought and then l saw the deep freeze can!

Growing up with my parents wasn’t just hard, but really hard at times, they both most days as we as their kids aged were at constant loggerheads with each other. It was a violent and aggressive household at times, mental abuse was a common feature, but my mother wasn’t the angel she at times makes herself out to be, she could hit back just as nasty as he indoors could and l remember one seriously distressing incident at the breakfast table where they just wouldn’t let up. My sister and l learned to keep our heads bowed and simply eat our meal as best we could and try TRY to ignore the raging combat when suddenly with a scream that a Samurai would have been proud of my mother attacked my father with a fork! She plunged this damn thing up to the top of the four prongs in his forearm! These are not things kids want to see happen between their parents, but most assuredly not during breakfast. Mental scarring back then was just a part of normal home life.

However when we weren’t having to deal with my mother working her hypochondria mode we were having to deal with my father drinking himself into a stupor and then wallowing in self pity. I know that comes across as hard but this is what happens to kids when they grow up in that kind of environment you have to learn certain levels of detachment. I suppose in many ways, mine was slightly easier because l was sitting undiagnosed on the spectrum, and before people leap on me in specially designed Internet troll suits, this is NOT saying we have no empathy quite the opposite, l have plenty of bloody empathy so much at times l stress uncontrollably at the state of everything, it is simply stating that whilst back then l was concerned at how easily l could detach it worried me that l could, when the reality is that from a very young age l was already broken up with the state of my parents relationship and did what l could to escape the rigors!

Recently my father rang me up and told me he had suspected cancer, you may recall this from an earlier episode in this series, and when he first told me and l told him to stop thinking he was dying and just await news from the medical profession, he yelled at me that he wanted to die, and who would care if he did? Once more l was faced with just another drama llama ding dong episode from one of my parents, and these after a while become hard pills to swallow.

Countless times over the years l have asked myself why after everything that has happened do l still allow myself to love my parents? It ‘s a harder question to answer than it is to ask, and l think the answer is despite everything they are still my mum and dad and they are the only ones l have but more importantly bitterness is too damning an emotion to carry throughout your life, as is anger. I keep my distance from them both and the only obligation l permit is a visit to both once maybe twice a year at once every two years, it makes my life less stressful. I love them, but not perhaps like Suze loved her parents.

Suze was adopted and both her parents are now dead and l know at times she feels pangs of envy that l still have both my parents, but equally as she got on so well with her mother and they were so close, to boot Suze is very family orientated, where as l am not, but she also understands that my parents are hard work.

Dad has had various appointments over the last month or so since this ‘suspected cancer scare’ and l have tried to be more obliging and phoned him up more often to make sure he is okay. Before the phone call today he had this week been for a liver biopsy and returned from that convinced he had cancer according to ‘overheard Dr conversation’. Previous to the biopsy he had had a colonoscopy and he told me cancer had been confirmed!

So imagine my surprise when l get a call from him this afternoon saying he had received a letter from the hospital, telling him he had been discharged and that he had no cancer at all?

Now either this is one huge colossal fuck up by the hospital or it’s another example of a drama llama ding dong from my parents? Don’t get me wrong, l am super pleased that he doesn’t have cancer, but what was upsetting was … he wasn’t?

Strange days indeed,

Night all,  catch you in the morning.

Dear Blog ……

28 thoughts on “Dear Blog …10.45 – 07/7/18

  1. I understand how you feel, my parents are very difficult to deal with, I grew up in the same kind of environment as you …

    Anyway … I hope you get better … to be in better health, you need to work out, or at least take a (fast) walk, for at least 30 minutes every day, and eat healthier food, I hope your health will improve, take care

    1. Good evening my friend, l do indeed eat a healthy diet, and l still walk for 45 minutes a day with Scrappy in the morning. A fast walk isn’t possible however.

      Back pain, neck pain however is currently making my walking more and more difficult as they believe one of the problems is a pinched nerve and potential prolapse disc in the neck which is affecting my right side and as such is also interrupting my walk speed.

      Diet wise it is a very healthy diet, the problems with the stomach were induced by the tablets, as l have a huge intolerance to chemicals.

      Hope you are keeping well, and thanks for stopping by 🙂


      1. Thank you my friend, chemicals are to be used moderately or avoided altogether if possible …

        I am doing ok, I hope you have a great Sunday !

        Juju roijoyeux

  2. Have you tried a tens machine for pain relief? I thought it was a load of crap and I was very sceptical to say the least but I’ve been really impressed by exactly how much it’s helped

      1. They are awesome! If you do indeed have a pinched nerve it may not solve your problem but maybe give you a little relief here and there until you get a more permanent solution.

          1. Yes they have!!! And since I’m stateside right now, French Charming has been instructed to take them around Bordeaux and get a few great pics with them. Our French kitty apparently couldn’t get enough of them. The smells were intoxicating to her! 😂

            1. Love it, l am beginning to believe in the postal system once more – Kristian got his, you have yours, just need to hear Stateside and Canada. 🙂

              A French kitty, ooh they must do an interview 🙂

  3. I feel so bad that you and Suze are in so much pain. Chronic pain is the worse because you truly don’t know what else to do without upsetting your stomach. I sincerely hope you feel better.
    As the old saying goes… “You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family.” My father was the drunken one, while my mother tried to keep the family intact. Needless to say, the only one I speak to in my family is my mom. Sister’s a mean, miserable wench, and brother is a hopeless drunk no matter how hard everyone tried to help him. I consider my close friends my family.
    Again, I hope the both of you feel better real soon. 🙂

    1. Hey Beckie, l can take the physical muscular and neck pain, but not the problems induced with the chemical pain relief as that just does horrendous damage to me, and makes me beyond cranky.

      the problem is over here, most Doctors aren’t hyper focused on balancing you with the medication, they just throw at you what they think will do the job and that is of course what causes the problem.

      Once the x-ray is through l will have a firmer foothold on the situation. if it’s the neck, then fine let’s work on that. If l need medication for pain relief then it’s a case of something that excuse French, doesn’t fuck up my stomach, otherwise as Britchy said above, l will simply look at alternative methods 🙂

      Back home now, and with your own bed, got to be good 🙂

      1. I understand that feeling of a fucked up stomach. I have been taking so much medication over the years, that I’m amazed my stomach hasn’t given up on me yet, and for that matter, my bladder. It has affected everything, and I’m still in pain. Before the insurance debacle, I was supposed to get more cortisone shots and therapy on my back. Needless to say, that is still on hold for now. I really need to have a double knee replacement, but I’m really scared of that.
        No, not home yet. They are running very late. Thye told me if they weren’t back by 8pm EST, I should leave because I can’t drive at night. (Another fun issue) LOL!

    2. My concern in truth lies with Suze, she never lets up, and doesn’t allow herself proper time to rest, and so instead of taking some time out will help as many as she can, then she will come back sore and absolutely shattered. because she doesn’t allow herself that time out, she becomes worn down more quickly and more prone to injury.

      1. That’s not good either. I push myself, but if I know I’m going to be worse off… I blow the whistle on myself. The stop sign comes up and says “What the hells wrong with you woman?” When I was much younger I could tackle the world, now… screw that. The world doesn’t need to be tackled. 🙂

        1. Ha ha, Suze says that everytime she comes back, but still keeps going on, and l just think ‘oh well, best await the groans and just be sympathetic 🙂

  4. Ya my father was an abusive drunk and my mother a paronode scitsofrinic so my childhood was no fun so I understand what is was like for you, I hope you and Suze feel better soon. ❤️✌️


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