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Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness?


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  1. OK. Taking a deep breath…..Stepping up onto the Soap Box……Testing the Mic…..And

    Social Media is just a tool, it has the potential for a lot of good and a lot of harm.
    It is just like a gun. The gun itself cannot doing any harm to anyone, however if it is too readily available and easy to get hold of by people who have anger issues or who are emotionally unstable then a Gun is capable of a great deal of harm. Social Media is the same. It provides a mouthpiece for people who were not listened to before. That is helpful to the shy, retiring people who need a voice, but it also gives that same voice to the evil, wicked and corrupt who are able to exploit others.
    If it was properly regulated. If people were properly education to use it well. Then Social Media would be a great thing, but in the wrong hands it is a menace.

    I am very grateful that blogging has enabled me to write and share my stories and poems. It has also allowed me to engage well with others and form friendships online, that I did not expect. It has ENABLED friendships as much as it ruins them.
    Of course everything is fine in moderation. When Social Media becomes an addiction and people start to disconnect from reality and those friends and family members who provide support, then that is a problem. No online friend can really support you as well as a real life person. You can send them a message saying, ‘Ah There, There. Thinking of You, hope you get better soon.’ but you can’t sit with them, give them a hug or call an Ambulance.

    In short the answer to the question is Sometimes yes but it can be good too.

    Now you know why I don’t answer too many political questions.


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    1. Well you have tackled your first Kristian, perhaps not political but one as you know here in the UK of late has been a real media scorcher on moral grounds.

      Like you l think it serves its purpose, it is downto each individual to make it or break it for themselves.

      Does it create loneliness? i don’t know, but then l have a very different perspective on the whole friendship thing to other people, l don’t get lonely, l never have. I can coexist in my own world quite comfortably without digital or physical presence of others, but not everyone can do that.

      I enjoy more the online community aspect than l do real life companioship. i have my immediate family of Suze and Scrappy and have one solid friend after that which is Dodge. But surrounding myself with people is not my bag, so in that aspect, online community is more my bag.

      But thank you for commenting, appreciate it, you have set your own bar now my friend 🙂

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  2. I agree with Kristian that social media is a tool and in and of itself isn’t inherently good or bad. One problem I see is that certain forms of social media tend to promote a superficiality of interaction, and that can be problematic if people aren’t cognizant of this.

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  3. Social media has lost its charm for me. I preferred my friends when they used to call now and again and tell me, on inquiry, what they had been doing, where they traveled to, where they dined, etc. etc. Now, whether I want it or not, it is thrust in my face. I have been guilty of that too but have decided to take one big step back and not participate in that way anymore. If I can feel this way, then surely they must too, right? So now I am just a voyeur!! 😳

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    1. Good afternoon Christine, many thanks for commenting 🙂

      I too have taken a very big step back, in truth away in comparison to say three years ago. I was hooked for a while butgrew very tired of and saw no real allure to its beauty. In FB even today, l forget most days to log in, have way below 50 people on there, been that way since 2010. Walked away from a large account on Twitter four months ago and don’t miss them at all. I prefer WP because it is my pace, l can interact and engage how l wish and feel no pressure unless l apply it myself.

      As Ashley said and this is so true society seems to be gripped in this superficiality of interaction and forgetting perhaps the most basic principles of friendship which is you really do need people to communicate with face on and not specifically digitalised.

      But sociality has become almost a form of social advertising, advertising is thrust in our faces wherever we go whether we want it or not, as too is and are the various platforms for ‘social interaction’, it’s become a national past time to gather and harvest people for the sake of it.

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    1. The K9 Doodlepip side to my blog is not Twitter connected, but when Doodlepip has a new post l will promote it seperately on her Twitter, it is predominately dogs and cats.

      I don’t get a lot of hits from that side of things, very few readers from Twitter actually tend to read what l post.

      Twitter has a different social style, they prefer quick 280 character comments meaning that they are not always that keen to read blog posts. This is not saying they don’t but from experience if you wish to herald a greater Twitter readership, then you need to be actively involved on Twitter and WP at the same time, and to me that seems like just way too much hard work.

      The reason l walked away from 6000+ followers 4 months ago, was because of all the drama llama ding dongs that were ongoing all the time, and it was just proving boring. It requires a real tenacious attitude in my opinion, not for those who prefer less social platform marketing 🙂

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  4. It all depends how it’s used – whether you use it or it uses you. I don’t think anyone under the age of 18 should have significant access. They should only be able to make real friendships until they’re old enough to understand the complexities of it. I have made many friends online who I’ve met offline and I’ve had online friends who stay just that. I’m old enough to choose online friends I’d like to know in real life and steer clear of people I wouldn’t.
    Kristian said it perfectly for ne

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    1. “It all depends how it’s used – whether you use it or it uses you.”

      I think that says it all right there – word perfect if you allow it to define who you are then that is exactly what will happen.

      That’s where the problems lie people are allowing social media to govern everything in their lives to a certain degree.

      I also staunchly agree with the restricted access for those under the age of 18.

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    2. It further reminds me of something l used to do in my business with the animals. If l ever got new clients on my books who had never owned an exotic or domestic animal before, l used to send them a tamagotchi with the note that read, thanks for your enquiry here is something l would like you to do, and leave it like that.

      I would ring them back in a month and ask how the tamagotchi pet was doing? If it was dead or they hadn’t bothered, l simply refused to do business with them on the grounds that if they couldn’t look after a digital pet, how were they responsible enough to look after a flesh and blood one?

      I was called nuts when l did it, and yet after a few months new clients realised l was deadly serious, they had to prove responsibility to me. It wasn’t a pointless task, l had a very strict vetting system and really ran people through the ropes before ownership, but it worked.

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