What Language Do You Speak?

Brilliant – who says education is unwarranted?

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Have you ever had someone say something that you want to burst out laughing at – but you don’t want to hurt their feelings?

I was at the doctors and the little nurse practitioner came in to check my BP etc and she asked where I was from… The conversation went like this:

Me: I’m from London, England.

Nurse: Oh wow is it really different there?

Me: Yes it is quite different but I like it here too.

Nurse: Do they speak English there too or did you have to learn it when you moved here?

Me: (pause to not laugh) No, they speak English in England.

Nurse: Wow, I didn’t know any other countries spoke English. What else is different?

Me: Well, schools are very different for one.

I was aching trying not to laugh but that dried up awful quick when I realised these are the people giving…

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