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We are still with John Hughes but this time in the 90’s! What was he famous for during this era?

It’s Thursday!

So far this week we have seen

Home Alone – 1990

Curly Sue – 1991

Beethoven – 1992

Beethoven’s 2nd – 1993

Do you remember ….. ?

A toss up here for 1994 it was either Baby’s Day Out or …

Miracle on 34th Street – 1994

John was Writer and Executive Producer.

A remake of the classic 1947 film


Dorey Walker: Susan.

Susan Walker: What?

Dorey Walker: What else did you ask Mr. Kringle for?

Susan Walker: A baby brother. See ya.

Bryan Bedford: Your Honor, a lot of people believe in Mr. Kringle. Including millions of children. If you rule against him, you won’t destroy anyone’s belief but you will destroy the man they believe in. Mr. Kringle is not concerned for himself, if he was he wouldn’t be here. He is in this regrettable positon because he is willing to sacrifice himself for children. To create in their minds a world far better than the one we’ve made for them. If this is, as Mr. Collins suggests, a masquerade then Mr. Kringle is eager to forfeit his freedom to preserve that masquerade. To subject himself to prosecution to protect the children’s right to believe. If this court finds that Mr. Kringle is not who he says he is, that there is no Santa, I ask the court to judge which is worse: A lie that draws a smile or a truth that draws a tear.

Dorey Walker: I don’t care what you asked Mr. Kringle for. Susan, that is not why we’re going to the house.

Susan Walker: We’re going to the cataloged house, right? That’s the house I told him I wanted. I showed him a picture of it and he took it and he said he would get for me.

Bryan Bedford: Well, a house is a pretty big gift, Susan.

Susan Walker: That’s what Mr. Kringle said.

Dorey Walker: Honey, we are going to the house because it snowed. And it’s very pretty. And because Mr. Shellhamer wants to take photographs for next years Christmas catalog. Which, I think, is awfully bold of him. It is a holiday.

Susan Walker: That’s just an excuse. Mr. Kringle did all this. I’m very sorry Mother, you have it perfectly wrong.


More John Hughes from the 90’s tomorrow folks, have a great Thursday!

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