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QFTD – Quote for the Day.

This coming Sunday – QFTD – will hit 100 days. My original thought behind this series was to run it for 100 days as a preamble if you wish to see what interest it sparked, how it might evolve and adapt and change in the 100 days themselves.

Over that period it has done all of those things – it started as a simple quote for the day, then images were added, then music and now it is a far cry from the original creation. Still it garners interest – however as was my intention – certain ‘series have come out of it, pending the reactions to QFTD.

I try on my blog to provide a variety of entertainment features be this taggings, quotes, question times, music, film spots,competitions, stories, tales and topical series, poetry and interviews, not forgetting a bit of quirk here and there.

From the QFTD was born the following over the last 3 months:

321 Quote Me

Which is an interactive quote game to encourage engagement and fun.

Random Quotes

A random quote from me married off with a quote from someone famous.

Music in Da House

An engagement feature involving music and what everyone is listening to.

The Greats of our Time

A feature looking at great actors and their works.

Which upon closer observation, is what QFTD has become, but did not start out as.

The question is simple, on Sunday this series is set to end. The look at John Hughes work will stop with the year 1999. Does anyone have any views on this?

I know l don’t have to ask you, l could simply stop the series and perhaps many of you [not being rude] would not be bothered, but the difference is this – l am asking you for your views.

Cheers Rory


18 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Question

  1. Rory – I really like the QTFD series! I’m not opposed to either path, but I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed it. John Hughes is one of my all-time favorite filmmakers.

  2. I love QFTD.
    Here’s my question to you. Is it too much work right now with your neck, back and arms hurting? I’d hate to see it go, but perhaps a short hiatus until you’re feeling better?

    1. I think it’s because there are four other series that cross too many paths with it and so it can conflict.

      I do have pain, l will not deny it. My writing has taken on a new swing, but also because from it’s point of origin it has changed so dramtically that to call it QFTD is probably not the right name, as it now centres on not so much a quote of inspiration per se, but governed by films and music. The other series are all picking up steam as well, which means they too are getting popular.

      I think it’s more to do with the fact that it doesn’t stand well under QFTD as a title, does that make sense?

      1. Right. You could re-title it “theme of the week, TOTW” if you still want to do it. QFTD is pretty much covered in 321 Quote Me.
        I like the theme weeks, but I like a friend with less pain even more!!

        1. Yes that is what l am thinking, that really it’s not the content, it’s more a case of it’s titled now incorrectly πŸ™‚

          TOTW sounds like a great replacement – well done, have those pens arrived yet btw?

  3. Quote of the day and challenges done are truly enjoyed and also helps to find the meaning behind those activities done !! More over it’s a great work to involve and walk with all bloggers Rory !!

  4. I like reading the QFTD blog but if you think it’s time to shelf it then so be it. ❀️✌️


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