Duncan Heights

Duncan Heights – Chapter 2

The Stubborn Australian

Good evening folks, last week I posted chapter one of my novella series of Duncan Heights. I am no Stephen King, Eric Lustbader or Robert Ludlum, so my grammar and flow may not be the best. That is where you guys come in!!! I want your feedback, your comments, your likes so it can boost my confidence in writing. A lot of my writing has never seen the light, up until now on WordPress, and from the other day Medium. So check out Chapter two, I did find it a bit challenging (hate conversations in stories.) so hopefully it stays in line with chapter one and keeps you all on board.

Help a blogger out 🙂 love to all.

Till next time, Keep smiling

The Stubborn Australian.

                       Chapter Two.

Sighing and rubbing his eyes Clint, was struggling to stay awake. His fiancée had not been home in seven days…

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