Creative Mind Award Nomination


My sincere thanks to Jo of A Creative PTSD Gal for nominating my blog’s mind for this brilliant award. Now if you don’t know of Jo’s blog, then what are you waiting for? Go check it out.Totally worth your time, totally worth the visit.

Jo’s blog is one of inspiration, personal thoughts, sass and jazz and awesome graphic delights and doodles of the mind!

The Award itself was initiated and created by Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith.

Now this award is different to the others … it goes like this – it doesn’t take hours, and hours and hours and yet more mind numbing hours of thinking of questions to ask or to answer, about making sure the images are spot on the button or about writing a novella of information that data protection might like to hear about – it’s simpler than that, the title gives it away in truth – it’s about choosing blogs which inspire you through their creativity and creative inspiration.

I will not deny that it is still going to be hard to pick because l am surrounded by a plethora of marvelous crazies and that makes selection … difficult, not impossible … but difficult all the same. So without further ado …

“Hey, l Appreciate your Uniquely Creative Mind and my selected blogs are …




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