“Sh#t Happens!!”


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July 2018

“Shit Happens!!”

In truth, l am not doin’ the dirt! Suze and the Doctors have both agreed that until we know what the problem is, l should not be doing any unneccesary heavy labour with my right arm. I am only good for about 20 minutes of any work involving lifting and that is only with my left hand, but because my back and neck are also attached to that side of my body, this is what is tiring me out horribly.

I suppose in some respects l shouldn’t even be doing the amount of writing l am currently doing, but l have noticed and deliberately rescheduled how l do my writing, and l am taking frequent breaks from sitting which is not resting anything anyhow.

I have taken to running more ‘fun’ and ‘easy to write up’ posts for the morning to midday time zone and then concentrate on writing longer tale in the afternoon, so by the time 6pm comes along, l can’t do much more after that anyway, which l will not lie, kind of saddens me, but hey ho, as Socrates said or Forest Gump – “Shit Happens!”

So l haven’t done anything with my compost heap which thankfully is only brown fingering gardening and can of course whilst covered smolder away happily, however our beloved green fingered gardener is quite pleased with her own results in the garden.

Sadly however, in the process of now doing the job of two, she has hurt her back, and this isn’t at all good 🙁

The dry weather here has spelled and meted out some harsh realities to gardeners, although some gardeners are ignoring it as they do and cannot bear to have dry barren grass, they may feel differently if a housepipe ban is put into place. Suze and l are on a water metre here, which also makes a huge difference to how we garden. Our three water butts have been empty properly now for two full weeks and the last time this area saw any serious rainfall, was about five weeks ago. But even just a passing shower was three weeks ago.

We are ever thankful that this year the vegetable patch is much smaller than 2017. Even more of a result is the plants we do have growing which sit in my beautiful compost are doing great deeds!

But some photos of her progress!

Tomato plants, Potatoes, Beans, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Squash and some lavender and roses.






Teepee Village





Teepee Village


Courgettes & Tomato’s [Note the colour of our back lawn!]




We will be having bumper crops of potatoes this year, which ironically is one of our bartering vegetables, as we don’t eat a lot of pots at all.


The greenhouse being a microenviroment has fared really well, these two beauties are in fact lemon cucumbers!

So l award Suze a really grand handshake and salute she has done brilliantly. All we need to try and plant are beetroot and some repeat radish. However as said water is expensive where we are, so we have to take that into consideration especially as there is no clear forecast for rain for a few weeks yet.

10 thoughts on ““Sh#t Happens!!”

  1. No rain? In England? WTF? Call me a stoopid yank, but I thought it rained frequently in UK.
    Must be fake news about that global warming lie.
    Seeing your garden makes me miss ours.

    1. Well UK currently experiencing major heatwave – a rare thing? no, l think in truth you have hit it on the head – we are going to see more of these and this in the years to come.

  2. Sorry to hear about the medical problems I know how it is with my bad back and leg, y’all have a beautiful looking garden great work, maybe you could have a shallow well put in for watering your garden. ❤️✌️


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