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1] Blog Name

“My blog’s name is A Slapdash Talk.”

2] What is your blog’s specific genre?

“I didn’t quite figure it out while starting it! I just needed a platform for creative writing and that’s how this blog was born. So you could say, my blog is home to all things random, trying to bring out everything that lets us celebrate the little things and embrace life for how it is!”

3] How old is your Blog?

“I started it sometime around February 2018, so around five months.”

4] Why did you feel the need to start an actual blog?

“I desperately needed honest opinions about my writing ability. I needed outsiders, who haven’t been exposed to my reputation and with no pre-conceived judgement, scrutinizing my works.”

“Also, I knew it’s the best way to release all the random stuff running in your mind, in a place where they could be relatable and recognized.”

5] What age were you when you first started to write?

“I was in sixth grade when I tried my hand at some silly novel writing. Details in the answer to the next question!”


6] Was it a natural process or did something or someone inspire you to put your first thoughts to paper?

“I think the first time I clearly remember being determined about writing was when my cousin told me that he was trying his hand at writing a draft for a novel of his own. As kids, I took it like a new game and started my own novel. It was called ‘the sea shell’ and I had my aunt review it! It was based off monsters and board games that take you to different worlds. I’m still searching for that copy with my untidy, childish handwriting!”

“Soon, I was writing poems. And when others began to actually recognize me for its effort, I knew I had to carry it forward!”

7] Would you say that your creativity flows easily or do you need to be motivated by an event or a moment in your life to trigger it?

“I, like many others that I’ve come across, usually find the hints hidden in experiences, irrespective of how small or big they are. Music does it too. Until now, whenever I sat down, putting time aside, specifically for writing, I’ve managed to produce something productive.”

8] How frequent or prolific are you with your writing and blogging?

“I am definitely irregular sometimes! I can go without posting for weeks, and then suddenly, in order to cover up all the tags and backlogs, I could spam the hell out of your mail box!”

“But recently, I’ve started a July writing prompt, which makes me sit down and post everyday for one whole month, so we’ll see how that goes!”

“I also host a weekly poem challenge that is supposed to come out on Wednesdays, but usually ends up in your reader around Saturdays!”


9] Is it just WordPress that your writing is displayed or other platforms as well?

“For now it’s just WordPress. I did try some attempts on Quora, but coming across many complaints from established authors about plagiarism, I knew I needed to switch to a safer atmosphere. So, here I am!”

10] Do you use social media to advertise and market your blog? If so which ones and how effective is it/are they?

“As I mentioned about this in a question for a recent nomination, apart from my parents, my brother and a handful of good friends, I haven’t made this blog available to others. At least not yet.”

“I might consider promoting it in future, but currently I do not have it on mind.”

11] Writers block we all get it at one point or another – if you do suffer from it, how do you tackle the problem?

“I usually look out for prompts. Like a word or a starting sentence. And the web has millions and millions of examples, so I don’t really consider Writer’s block to be a big problem.”

“And when you know what you need to convey, it’s hardly any problem at all!”

“But, I still have cases of being stuck, for example, when I don’t know how to carry forward a short story. And the best answer to that is taking a break. The idea comes to you at your own pace. No need to stress out!”

12] Which is your preferred writing/creative style?

“I love to write realistic fiction! Fantasy also makes it satisfying. And poems. Usually I end up writing stories on how every random thing is a metaphor for something big, exaggerating it to the point it get’s annoying, even for me. And then posting it for the readers to see who else can relate!”


13] What is the best thing about blogging in your eyes?

“I love how supportive the blogging community can be. You don’t just make good friends along the way, but also your posts bring out the deeper ‘you’, that perhaps you had no idea about. Sometimes, your post starts sounding pretentious, especially when you are trying to go all philosophical and motivational, taking examples from struggles, questioning whether you’d follow it in real life yourself, before being all preachy to others.”

“But trust me, if your own post has got you thinking, it must be something! Just go ahead and hit publish!”

14] What prompts you to write about a topic on the day that you post?

“Depends, actually.  For my poem challenges, I usually ask my mom for a random word that first comes to her mind, and that becomes the word prompt for the week!”

“Most of my posts are about what’s currently running in my mind. And the word “mind” can be a dreadfully messy place!”

15] What advice would you award new bloggers to help and encourage them promote their blog and engage with their audience?

“Being a fairly new blogger myself, I’m humbled by the love this community has shown me. This place is absolutely the right spot for budding writers to grow and discover themselves.”

“So, suggestions from me aren’t really the wisest thing you’d hear, but if you still need it, then I’d say, write from your heart. Not for an audience that would follow you around like meaningless fans around a celebrity. But for people who can come out and say “Oh my god! I can relate so much to that!”

“Also stay true to yourself. Don’t enter places that don’t allow yourself to be who you are. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be adventurous! They say, in stories, we can create characters that are much braver and bolder than we can ever be in real life. So create that avalanche tumbling down at your snowy civilization, kill those five friends of your protagonist, release the zombies into a high speed metro train and just go bold and creative! And..uh…sometimes..sadist too!”

16] Do you have an overall blogging strategy or simply write because you enjoy writing?

“Simply. Write. For. The. Sake. Of. It.”

17] Do you feel it is important to have an engaging audience to the content that you write?

“Absolutely! I mean, it’s easy to say that I do it because I love doing it. But how do you know that your work reaches out to people? Be real when it comes to your writing. For instance making your characters flawless, will mean fewer things they’d mess up. Fewer things others can relate to and less real they’d seem to your readers. Remember, it’s not really about perfection. It’s more about saying whatever the hell is on your mind.”

18] If no one ever commented on your blog would this concern you, and if so how would you rectify the situation?

“I would be concerned of course. I WAS concerned at one point. But aren’t we all? Especially, when we just start blogging and have no views.”

“This is rectified, when you start visiting other blogs, appreciating their efforts, participating in the challenges they host and inviting them to see your efforts.”

“I got most of the views from The Daily Post challenges, but the news of it ceasing to host anymore, definitely did some damage. But, that should never really stop anyone, right?”

19] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

“Some long posts take almost 45 minutes. To be honest, it depends on my internet speed. On some gloomy days, it can be slow as hell.”

“I remember some photo challenges taking almost two hours just for uploading the images.”


20] Which do you think are your best 3 posts to date? Please link below so that our readers can see your style and take a step into your world.

“The IBMC challenge series of course! You guys definitely need to check the host blog and try it out.

“Here’s one short story from the series:


“One of my recent poems:


“And a random post close to my heart:



21] Finally, what advice would you offer new writers to the blogging community?

“As I said, go out there, without any restraints, and have fun!

“Write more, support each other and just keep it going!

“Likes and views will all follow with their own pace.

“All you need to remember is to write staying true to the inner voice.”

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My thanks to Frothy Winter of A Slapdash Talk for taking part in the Truly Inspired series and taking us through the whirrings of the random mind and the prompts that – prompts her to write what and how she writes in her blog.

I could personally relate to much of what was talked about, and certainly with my own uncontrolled behaviour when it comes to writing the  credo of ‘“Simply. Write. For. The. Sake. Of. It.‘, which is specifically what l do and l am sure than sentiment must resonate deeply for many of you today also.

But also this advice here is so true …

“As I said, go out there, without any restraints, and have fun!

“Write more, support each other and just keep it going!

“Likes and views will all follow with their own pace.

“All you need to remember is to write staying true to the inner voice.”

Once more my sincere thanks and appreciation to Frothy for explaining to us about the reasoning and creative make up to A Slapdash Talk – now do yourselves a huge favour and pop along and check out her blog!


What made you start writing, what inspired you to decide to start blogging about your story? Tell us about it. Take us through a sampling of your journey – tell us what makes you who you are?

Please drop me an email at ….


…. and l will gladly write you up and share who you are.

It is simple – email me at the above Addy or drop me a line in my contact box and l will email you the questionnaire. Fill it in, send it back , and include images that you feel may support what you write, or about your blog, and l will write it up as a post and insert it into this series here.

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