20 Ways To Get Closer To The Stubborn Australian (20 Questions)

Wow, great answers – however l am now dealing with a declaration of war!!! Gauntlets at dawn!!

The Stubborn Australian

Do you have days where you are at work and you have an idea on a new blog when you get home, you do? Great cause this isn’t that post that I was going to write. So I believe there is a conspiracy going on between Ang4Him and A Guy Called Bloke, you see these two are trying their best to get me to leak out information about myself, besides the stuff I write in my blogs. I am sure that they would really like to ask me the real gritty questions but, they are playing it cool and slowly sucking out the juicy answers as if they were big chunks of a caramel thick shake sliding through a straw.

Since I am running on borrowed time right now I will participate before resorting to what I originally was going to post. I will let AHA’s Take On Me…

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