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John Candy 1950 – 1994  Week


So Far in John Candy Week we have had:

Going Beserk 1983 20/20

Splash 1984 6/20

Nothing But Trouble 1991 19/20

1941 1979 18/20

Remember These?

Summer Rental 1985 – John Candy,Rip Torn, Richard Crenna, Karen Austin, Kerri Green [14/20]

Once Upon A Crime 1992 – John Candy,Jim Belushi, Cybill Shepherd, Sean Young [17/20 ]

Strangely enough whilst looking for suitable songs from the soundtrack, l hit a wall. So have opted for this instead – songs from 1992.

So there we go folks, our third part to The John Candy Week! More tomorrow, however this episode is dedicated to:

Penny Wilson Writes


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