4 Paws Diary – Ep 15


Pretty serene look, if l say so myself!

Episode 15

4 Paws Diary

20th June – 3rd July

Hey Gang,

Mr ‘Ease’ l don’t think so!!!

Well, what can l say, or more importantly what can l paw about the current plight of dad? You don’t need to be smart to see that although his positivity is high, he is in a somewhat low place. This pawful business with his ‘disability’ at present is not going too well for him. You may recall me saying in the last episode about how dad wasn’t really that well? Well if anything he has now gotten worse for wear!

He went to see the fizzioterapist on that Friday and then came book looking terrible, but then he went back?? But by the second time around, the fizzioterapist  told him not to come back until he had pictures of his neck? How’s dad going to get them when he can hardly move? He even told mummy that she can’t do it and now he has to go to horspiddle to have them done for him. Just seems right icky!

What l find strange is that the fizzioterapist is called Mr Ease, and if l say so myself how can anyone be called Ease, when if anything dad is so far out of the zone of any kind of ease, more unease! His arm is still tingly he says, but now he walking like something from, well l don’t know what from, but whatever it could be from, dad looks like he walking like it all sort of hunched over, leaning to the left and shuffling like? How is that ease, it’s not even easy!

In addition to that, dad keeps taking funny coloured treats, and says they are not for K9’s, then he is moaning about stomach ache or rushing to the smallest room in the house and moaning some more?? I don’t even wish to know what that is all about. More often than not he has  a crunched up lemon face on and makes funny panting noises. But this next thing is the strangest thing of all – he is going to bed early!! He must be unwell, because that hardly ever happens! Some nights he is in bed earlier than mummy, and that used to be totally unheard of. He grabs a hot water bottle, takes more treats, then mummy sprays this strange stuff on his back which he says is cold and then he shuffles into bed.

I don’t know what he dreams about, maybe it’s running like me, but his bed is in an awful shape in the morning!

I asked mummy what was wrong with dad, and she just says, we don’t yet Dudes, bad neck or back … and l say but his arm hurts also? She then just says, bad neck, bad back and bad arm. That’s a lot of bad l think.

He doesn’t walk everyday with Dodge at the moment like we used to , sometimes mummy takes me in the morning before she goes to work, dad is up, but not firing on all cylinders. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, because he doesn’t sit for long either much, he sits then after a while he pants, then gets up, shuffles for a while, then sits – it’s like that all day!! Now he sits with a pillow behind him, and keeps telling me he must sit up straighter and yet when he does, then he starts yelping again.

Wow, l so don’t want what dad has!

Well moving along, nothing of any true excitement is happening in my life at present, with dad and his shuffling when we do walk, we tend to stick to flat places, and when mummy and l go in the evening we walk a different route everyday, but mummy says because it’s so hot l have to go later and sometimes end up on a shorter walk – no fair l say. But mummy does work all day, and is tired when she comes home, so at least we have the weekends. yet, even if l say so myself, l am not that worried really, my life is pretty good at present.

I am now on two raw meat meals a day and a pouch if l want it, and my treats. The vet says l am for an old bird [strange] in pretty good shape and as long as my weight doesn’t get too heavy, l am good to go with that diet. so if being honest, l love my walks but race back at hyper speed for my meaty breakfast and meaty dinner which is way more exciting!!!!! [But don’t tell them that, l like to make them think l am upset all the time!]

Mummy just says my behaviour is because l am old and contrary! But the truth is simpler … l am getting older now, even l know this. I like and want to take it easy, l sleep a lot, l paw my blog, l have my K9 features and l have a big garden to go out into, l can sun puddle when l wish, l go out for good walks, and maybe an adventure or two when dad’s better but l have my meat and treats, but above evrything l have my mummy and my dad, l am at one with my family, that ‘s the bestest thing of all!

Also, only yesterday l redesigned the K9 interview, so l am quite pleased with that!

Anyway, that’s enough from me today, hope everyone is well and wuffs and waggles to you all! Catch you sometime later in the month.

Oh yeah, a small Ps; These episodes of mine are every 2 or so weeks, l paw when l have something to say or have a new feature to display. I paw on my dad’s blog and he paws in daily. Someone recently suggested that l don’t update that often which l don’t think is that true, l paw quite a bit in dad’s blog and he paws more than me, so our blog is always pretty busy. Dad and l are not that worried about ‘rankings’ as this person suggested we might or should be, the people who follow us do so because they like either what l have to say or what dad has to say, and that is fine with us, so thanks for the suggestion, but we are both pretty content.


Me and mummy on the beach only the other day, life is good folks!

Ps: don’t forget if anyone would like to do a K9 Interview we are now at number 44 with Rudy, but l am looking for fresh interviewees. Also more feline katz would be pawsome!

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2 thoughts on “4 Paws Diary – Ep 15

  1. It’s very nice to have an update from you, Ant Buster. You DO look very serene in that first picture. You also look like you’re on duty against anyone or anything wanting to cause mischief. A very good protector.
    Be kind to your poor Dad, he’s having a rough go of it lately. Hopefully after he gets his neck pictures, his doctors can sort out what the problem is and fix it. Then you’ll have your old dad back.
    Zeus says hello and he thinks the changes to the interview questionaire are pawsome🐾

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