1000 Words Worth 14#


1000 Words Worth

Last time our image 13 was taken just down from where live now at around 11am. I love taking photographs like this that show the sun glistening off the sea and the rocks.

Now what do you make of this image?


A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language-idiom. It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image or that an image of a subject conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does

This saying was invented by an advertising executive, Fred R. Barnard. To promote his agency’s ads he took out an ad in Printer’s Ink in 1921 with the headline “One Look Is Worth a Thousand Words” and attributed it to an ancient Japanese philosopher.

This series will examine that very thing – …

Some look at an image and see only the image itself, others look at the same image and see something else and others still can look at an image and see a completely different picture unfolding into a journey, a memory a story to be told. I have often pondered on this topic, a picture is worth a thousand words … but what words?

Each week l shall post a different image, and each week l would like you to tell me what you see …

Your image for this week is above … what do you see?


18 thoughts on “1000 Words Worth 14#

  1. I see a tranquil sight, the sunlight shining down onto an ancient church. The empty benches and the old tombs. How many people have sat in those benches. What did they think about? It looks like a nice old church. One without too much pomp or ceremony or hypocrisy, just a quiet community.

    How’s that to be getting on with? 🙂

    1. My first answer didn’t read right upon reflection ..

      What l mean is that the way you saw the image was brilliant, the church is indeed a beautiful church , and when l first saw it l was totally captivated, the sun was streaming through the trees and there was a magical quality to it.

      What l meant, was, was your description good for you – ‘too’ ? 🙂

        1. It’s actually in the Isle of Wight, l will try and find the exact location, but oddly enough it was a chance spot. Suze and l were driving out of Ventnor, made a wrong turn and discovered it. I will as said try and find it on Google 🙂

          1. I’ve been to a few lovely churches on the Isle of Wight. The one at Godshill is nice. Then there is one in Arreton that was lovely. Next time i’m on the IOW i will try to find it. 🙂

  2. I didn’t even realize it was a church. My first thought was of an inn. People on horseback or in carriages stopping for a meal and/or a rest.
    It’s a beautiful spot!

    One thing about living in southern California is that we don’t have a lot of historical buildings. Not REALLY old ones anyway. The architecture is all Spanish. The Missions are pretty but the history of them and how the Natives were treated kind of ruins it.



    1. It certainly has the ‘inn’ aspect to it and l can see clearly how you saw that.

      One of the things l noted as a youngster in Australia was that despite its own history, it too had a distinct lack of historical buildings.

  3. I see a ancient peaceful building carved of stone with loving hands and pride in the work-mans work to build a place of pride for all to enjoy. ❤️✌️


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