Spring Cleaning With A Book Tag

Gentlemen, best read with legs most assuredly crossed!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I’ve been tagged by old buggerlugs himself, that Guy Called Bloke to take part in a book tag! I’m a very prolific reader.. in fact this has probably kept me out of jail as I can’t read and shenaniganate at the same time. Books are one of the few expenses ‘im indoors is delighted by. If I’m reading I’m behaving!

If I buy shoes.. well shoes are trouble. Shoes mean I’m adventuring and that seldom ends well. He doesn’t actually mind me buying shoes either – he hadn’t worked out my concept of buy one (shoe) get one (shoe) free yet! When I come home with four shoes for the price of two he thinks I’m an excellent bargain hunter! This is actually true of course – I didn’t search for matching handbags..

But back to the books! I love books. I’m still sorry I decided against bringing my books…

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