Goood Morning Everyone, so here we are again with a brand new week! We are still with John Hughes but this time in the 90’s! What was he famous for during this era?

It’s Monday, a brand new day – another new way!

Do you remember ….. ?

Home Alone – 1990!

Now the big question is at what point did YOU grow tired of this series, what number along did it just become samey samey for you? Or alternatively are you still a big fan?

I mean how many times could you realistically lose Kevin??

I can’t avoid some Christmas tracks here sadly, so here are the best.


“Why the hell you dressed like a chicken?” — Marv

“I made my family disappear.” — Kevin

“KEVIN” — Mrs. McCallister


More John Hughes from the 90’s tomorrow folks, have a great Monday!

19 thoughts on “QFTD 94

    1. I think in fact the very first film was the best one for me and at a push l would watch it again, but the films after that just made me get up and sandpaper my toe nails lol, as l found that more enchanting 🙂

  1. The first one was cute but that was anuf for me, the same basic story over and over again is boring. ❤️✌️


  2. I’ve never seen any of them. Even the first one seemed dumb to me. The whole hands to the face, open mouth thing on Macaulay…nope. I hear it was hugely popular.
    Yet another time this weird and silly grandma lady didn’t follow the herd… I’m very much okay with that. LOL

    1. I was bought it for a Christmas Present, but I didn’t really find it funny. I thought it was ridiculously contrived, although I probably didn’t use those words at the time, I was only a kid after all. I liked humour that came with clever wordplay rather than slapstick.

      1. I watched it once, and once was enough – it’s one of those films that is never going to become a cult classic, and similiar to the horror movie Friday 13th which was good for 1 and 2, but they killed it because they over franchaised a good thing and turned into stupidity on a stick. Same with the Home Alone series, and yet people still bought into each new film, go figure.

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