Music in Da House?



So whatโ€™s everyone listening to RIGHT Now?

Do you listen to any music at all when you write, if you do what is it?

I have an extensive eclectic musical tatste, and find creativity in almost everything what about you?

This is Mine!

11 thoughts on “Music in Da House?

Add yours

  1. No music today…unless the grunts, moans & groans of zombies count??
    Our lord and mawster, King Ben had decided that the movie 28 Days Later shall be played, on repeat. It’s actually been his movie of choice for going on two weeks.
    Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday and I can send him off to school and give the zombies a rest.

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    1. My parents had to put up with my repeat times, but for them it was music, l used to have a stereo and was always playing things on repeat sometimes dozens of a times a day – who knew lol!

      This one was played 26 times on one Saturday until dad came up and snapped it into two!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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