Her? Oh She’s All Fur Hat and No Knickers… And Marmite.

Word of warning – don’t ever upset Britchy!!

Ps: No prawns were harmed in the making of this post nor the reblog!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

At some point in our lives we’re all going to have one of ‘those’ friends. The ‘keeping up appearances’ type. Shallow as a puddle in the Sahara. The sort for whom image is everything. I don’t know if they are really insecure or totally oblivious but the fact remains, which ever it is they’re BLOODY ANNOYING!!

Today’s escapade is about a run in with one such ‘friend’. Magotty Milly. She was no friend at all. She was in fact, merely a co-worker.

Another girl at work, Dumbelina and I were much better friends. She was as lovely girl but as thick as two short planks. Naive too and she couldn’t see through Maggotty Millie.

Maggots Millie didn’t really care who she trod on in her quest for recognition. She was t averse to claiming someone else’s work as her own, neither was she one to do her fair share in…

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