Remains of the Day: The Back Story


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Remains of the Day

The Back Story

The book l reviewed in 2012 which inspired this piece of gruesome feasting was:


Cannibal Serial Killers: Profiles of Depraved Flesh Eating Murderers
Christopher Berry-Dee


The reading group l belonged to asked me to write up a review which l did but l also  suggested that l could indeed write a dark humour comedy piece and so was born the poem itself which was read out at the book club. The poem took three days to write and 45 minutes to read out to the group. I didn’t perform that, but a friend of mine did. I was awarded £35 worth of book vouchers. I tend to not do things by half and so thoroughly researched what l was going to pen and in order to write it, l needed to get into character as the main protagonist. How he would think, where he came from, what would he sound like, how his mind configured.

Glad you enjoyed it  🙂

The piece is a spoof, and it was read out aloud as l intended it to be read … in the most ridiculous French accent anyone could muster forth to deliver a certain accent to the reading. Honestly try it yourselves, it does make a significant difference to how it comes out 🙂

The research into the finished piece came from further inspirations and experiences sought out and found elsewhere:

1] Too Many Chefs 1978 [aka Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe] Film
Starring Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Morley, George Segal.

2] How to Make a Serial Killer: Christopher Berry-Dee/Steven Morri

3] Born Killers: Christopher Berry-Dee/Steven Morris

4] Rereading the entire series by Thomas Harris

Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising

5] The Michael Rockefeller story 1961 – Updated

6] Research into the infamous and notorious Asmat Tribe and various other cannibalistic tribes and cultures including the Leopard Society.

7] An almost fanatical passion when younger with Horror stories, Tales of Terror, Pan Horror stories, Tales from the Crypt comics and a host of other goodies.

8] Experience from writing short horror tales in my youth and submitting to pulp and fanzines.

9] A recounted tale of cannibalism from my Father when we lived in Malaysia and he was an RAAF officer and was sent in his capacity as head of Military Police Butterworth to investigate a mysterious case of murder and cannibalism in one of the local Kampung’s.

10] A love of horror and history and cultures.

11] My experience as a qualified chef and butcher.

12] Alive 1993 filmed based on real life events concerning the survivors of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 into the Andes mountains on Friday, October 13, 1972.

The characters in the poem came from:

1] Jacques Montana Pettifers as an identity is loosely based on many characters including Jack the Ripper, Bram Stoker, Nosferatu to name a few.

2] Hannibal Lecter needs no introduction however if in doubt check this out:

Hannibal Lecter

3] Herr Worr Wulf – The Werewolf

4] Lizzy Bathzory – aka Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Countess

5] Fronken Steiner – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
6] Martinia de Sade – The Marquis de Sade
7] Vladr Acula – Dracula,

8] Shania Bean – Alexander Sawney Bean [Scottish Cannibal]

9] Swonny Todd – Sweeney Todd – Demon Barber

10] Ginio – The Leopard Society

11] Edward Gene – Ed Gein

12] Geoffrey Dammer – Jeffrey Dahmer

13] Richard Mindlessly – Richard Speck

14] Toole Gocht – Ottis Toole

15] Duchess Bombassa – Darya Saltykova

List of Cannibalistic Events


9 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: The Back Story

  1. 👏🏻🌟 thanks for sharing the back story. Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer 🤢was from Milwaukee WI, so in my backyard growing up. Lived in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Quite gruesome!!! Remember chatter about this and it still haunts.

    1. Interestingly enough this series Remains of the Day is not fully ended, l was planning of writing something on the Thomas Harris books in comparison to the films, probably next month.

      Which one was yours?

  2. So much research. No wonder your poem was so rich with detail and humour.

  3. My daughters and I share a love of horror. My older daughter was born on a Friday 13th even. They grew up reading Goosebumps books and watching Tales From The Crypt on TV.
    Stephen King is a favorite author, so is Anne Rice, and we have a few non-fiction books about serial killers.
    I remember seeing the original movie about the airplane crash and of course US history teaches us about the Donner Party. Settlers trapped in the mountains in winter, surviving by cannibalism.
    I think most people have a fascination with the dark side. Otherwise there wouldn’t be such a demand for books and movies.

    1. Yes very much so, when l first ever started writing for money it was back in the early 80’s when l used to write for pulp gore magazines, and they wanted creepy horror stories.

      we all have that side, when l started writing erotica, l was ridiculed by my family, but l simply answered – there is a market for all genres and the pay is good, so it matters not to me ha ha!

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