Remains of the Day: Part 4


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Remains of the Day

Part 4

The Restaurant A La Carte

Janine returned to me, some three hours later,
She was attired for an evening’s dining,
Handing me the completed copy of the article now tailored,
In her own specific style of writing,
That she had become renowned for throughout the gourmet community,
Informing me, that she had done her absolute best,
For Le Café Cannibal gratuity,
Believing that this restaurant was a treasure chest,

And needed to be discovered and explored by those who looked for delights,
Created by chefs, who knew how to really cook,
And who experimented with no set limits,
Nor were they the run of the mill that did recipes only learned from books!

By this time, the restaurant was indeed starting to fill,
She noticed that the party of seven were no longer present,
l informed her that they had long ago paid their bill,
And were now on their way to diners’ heaven!

She was simply gorgeous it has to be said,
In her long dazzling and sparkling gown of red and black,
And the mere sight of her started to trigger images in my head,
Watching, as l was when she turned to me, presenting her voluptuous rack!
I cannot believe said l, that your husband allows you to travel,
Oh l am not married answered she and her history started to unravel,
After a few drinks of more of the fabulous in house red,
She was becoming quite blushed and looked ready for bed!
So, l ventured “Is it not time for you to think of eating,
You can peruse the a la carte here at your leisure,
For the meal tonight is on me for our meeting,
And l assures you Madame it is to be a real pleasure!”
The ambience of the café is starting to mesmerise,
Combined with the strong smells from the kitchens,
Exotic musical tones and distant drumming comes to her as a surprise,
With its intoxicating rhythm!

She remarks that she is starting to feel quite warm,
And the wine once again is making her feel unusual,
I tell her not to worry, it is just the restaurant beginning to transform,
And if she lets herself go, she will find it all rather beautiful,
The diner clients are all now taking to the seats,
Dressed in their Leopard skins and hides,
Watching to see what she chooses to eat,
Already like me, mentally their hands, tongues and eyes, caress this delicate bride,
I cannot wait to be able to freely run my fingers,
Over her generous body and her fine folds of flesh,
And my memory already drifts and lingers,
To other such bounties we have had here at the café!
“My!” She exclaims, there are just so many dishes to choose from,
I am not quite sure where to start,
Don’t worry l said again, give in to it, and just succumb,
And so she begins to look through Le Café Cannibal’s a la carte

The Big Game menu itself is infamous for its incredible selection of cuisine,
With over thirty Hors D’oeuvres alone,
Twenty different soups, Egg and omelette dishes it is supreme,
Forty fish recipes, and of course the Entrees and specials, we cannot be out done,
Dishes from the grill, cold meats always on tap,
Not forgetting the vegetables, fruits or potatoes,
And especially not the salads!
We have everything here for everyone’s palette and nose!
Admittedly she chose relatively well,
Five courses, starting with a simple hors d’oeuvre,
Of wild mushroom pate with marinated mussels out of shell,
With a huge smile upon her face conceding that it was fish that she truly loved,

This was to be followed by hot sour soup with king prawns, flavoured with herbs,
Poached duck egg and Jerusalem artichoke would be next,
Which judging by the photo looked superb!
And still she was overjoyed at the menus’ complex,
Structure, which she complimented us further by stating,
That never before had she seen such a marvellous and gratifying,
Selection of fascinating,
Dishes from so far reaching as this, was in so far as satisfying,

Finally, she ordered her last two dishes for the night,
Our mixed seafood salad was not to be missed,
And the exotic grill was indeed a recipe for her, Madame Janine Might,
She now truly was delighted at her talent for selecting such a beautiful mix!
The exotic grill, is one of the cafes’ real marvels,
And is ordered quite often it has to be said,
Considering that it consists of five special meats, hardly surprising of its appeal,
Slices of tiger, lynx, wolf, kangaroo and crocodile red,
With a generous fruit and vegetable side serving,
Of potatoes, pear, pineapple, mango, cabbage and green bean,
Apple, aubergine, papaya, leek and spinach curling,
Marinated in our own in house special sauce, ‘Clotting ‘

With this out of the way, she asked about the article,
I assured her it would be faxed the very next day,
And not to be worried or fearful,
That it would make its final destiny!
It was at this time, that she noticed finally,
The clients who surrounded our table,
Sitting in their own groups and parties silently,
Attired in their leopard society regalia,

She was at first a little startled and gasped in shock,
Commenting to me, that she was taken by surprise,
That all of the cafes’ regulars took,
It all so very seriously and sat to eat in their disguises!
And l told her again, that it was down to tradition,
Society members had to be dressed as such,
In order to participate in the cafes’ bidding auction,
For to not be attired as leopards then they could miss out much,
Of the nights’ special in house game meal,
Because of the rareness of such a gourmets’ delight,
It was truly considered to be a huge deal,
For it would mean that some real fine meat would be available tonight!

She wanted to know more about the wine,
Of which she had been drinking quite heavily all the time whilst ordering,
Saying that it was so unusual and yet remarkably divine,
But it did something to her senses, making her faltering,
With her words, and stumble and slur her speech,
It made her feel oddly aroused, which she found rather odd,
As a regular wine drinker had never encountered such claret that made her want to reach,
Again and again for the bottle like it was a God!

She started to flirt and smile and lean forwards,
Her dress open at the front as it was showed me ample cleavage,
Which in turn offered me just rewards,
Her interpreting this as an advantage,
And let it be l thought, who am l to say no,
With breasts such as these, and no bra visible,
All l can do is urge her onwards with a huge ‘go’
My real thoughts and desires to her are invisible!

The cooking pot in the centre floor has all this time been bubbling away,
She laughs gaily, and adds that she is still so very impressed,
At the way that we encourage the theme this way,
With the drums beating the way they are, she is feeling slightly overdressed,
When she notices cut vegetables being added to the pot,
Again she finds it all very amusing,
Wondering why we are adding ingredients to the imaginary broth,
Is a little confusing!

But she gets up now, and says she would like to dance,
By all means l say, dance yourself away,
She cannot help herself, the wine, music, atmosphere all adds to the enhancing,
Of the café’s romantic alluring bouquet,
So she sways in the centre floor, rhythmically,
Her long brown hair falling in tresses down over her shoulders,
Her eyes shut, and she moves so hypnotically,
Watching as l am, feel a stirring and l begin to smoulder
Strange noises from the other side of the room catch her attention,
Casting her eyes into that direction,

She sees a pair of leopards in strange sexual convulsions,
And realises that an orgy of the strongest arousing affection,
Is taking place between not just two but most of the diners,
Startled she stops dancing and stumbles over the ceramic pot,
Holding the rim to steady her, and burning her hand on the pyre,
Looking in to the bubbling ingredients that makeup the broth,

And screams in genuine terror, for a head is looking back at her,
Suddenly by her side, l soothe her trembling frame,
Her soft shivering moaning and whimpering, with my cat like purr,
And introduce the dish of the day by name,

“Janine, my little love, surely by now you must understand,
Le Café Cannibal is a restaurant that specialises in the fresh,
This dish you see here before you now is not yet truly stained,
Until we add the final ingredients of the night, which is your proud flesh!
The travellers of before were stripped down and cut up and have been brewing quite nicely,
But they are mere supplements in comparison to you,
And in order for the auction to actually commence we need to be precisely,
Correct in our timing, so that we add the delicacy true,
With this she swoons in feint and promptly hits the floor,
All the Leopards at once laugh and cheer,
Starting to applaud!

For they too know only too well that auction time is truly here!
Calling over Swonny, l ask him to tend to Madam Janine Might,
‘Prepare her properly my friend’
For l feel the restaurant will do very well this night,
With the amount of body this woman has to share out, it seems a rather fitting end,
And off he sauntered dragging the limp carcass behind,
Whilst l harried to the floor and calmed down the other leopards,
Assuring them all that it was nearly indeed time,
To start the bidding and possibly set and establish new records!

© Rory Matier 2012

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      1. As good as i can be under the circumstances… thanks for asking. I feel a burden today. All down like the blues… So let me ask… how are you? Spring close by? ☀️🕊🎶🎶

        1. It saddens me to hear you feel like that Jeanne, whenever Suze my partner says these things l tell her off – no one is a burden, so please don’t think of yourself as one. I am sorry you are down in the dumps, l wish l had one of those magic wands that could be used to spread happiness, sadly it doesn’t exist.

          Spring is just around thank goodness, l am tiring of this winter somewhat, quite possibly as we age, each winter becomes tougher 🙂

        2. Sorry to hurt with my words. I am only feeling blue… it will pass. Please don’t be sad. I am quite use to this xxxx. Overwhelming here with do much going on. And no way to keep it from happening. But good news as my jeff has a job offer and eventually we will move to Boston (be with my oldest) and get settled… then only need to worry about my youngest daughter (suicidal). Never ends. Im spouting like a broken spigot… the dams been broken and it may never stop now. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had to be honest. Its how life is now. Not what i ordered. Oh my… this is long!

          Glad to hear Spring is close. Enjoy the day with Suze and whatever it brings you both. 💙🕊🎶🎶🎶 Great write!!!

    1. Hey Mike, many thanks – have you read all the parts so far?

      Ps: Did you get the Truly Inspired questionnaire ok? I emailed you the day you said you would like to participate, just wondered if you received it all aok? Rory

        1. No, no problem at all Mike, there is no rush. When is convenient for you is more than fine 🙂

          I just wanted to make sure that it was received and not a case of old age creeping into me and saying ‘You burke you forgot to send it!’ LOL

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