Heat, High Pressure and The Crackerjack

The Crackerjack!

King Ben's Grandma

Summer is here. Summer makes me nostalgic… memories of when my daughters were young and before the ex completely lost his battle with the bottle. Family vacations, Pow Wow, camping and bonfires at the beach. Good memories.

Summer nowadays just makes me hot and grumpy. It make my Fibromyalgia pain flare up and it makes me wilt like lettuce. When temperature hits 85F (29C) and rises, it’s best to avoid me. We don’t have AC and probably couldn’t afford to run it if we had it. Pretty soon that thermometer is going to climb well into the 90s and even triple digets. (35-40C)

If all that wasn’t bad enough (yes, I’m whining…) the high pressure that accompanies the heat affects Ben to the nth degree. I don’t know if it’s the autism, the ADHD, or a combination of both, but it makes him super hyper. (Extremely hyper translates to on…

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