Friday Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It!


Friday Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It!

Friday Funday Challenge Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

We all like a bit of easy fun, if it’s not quotes, it’s prompts, or words of the day, well this is 20 questions!

Now, this is like in a way the old game of musical chairs with a twist. In that game it was a case of elimination of ‘players’, music and chairs, with one fewer chairs than players. When the music stopped, the person without a chair was eliminated from the game. Slowly over the duration of the game, more chairs were removed until there could be only one which was the winner.

With Game On – You Name It it’s slightly differen ….

Each Friday l will ask 19 new questions, and nominate 3 bloggers of my own who will answer 16 of my questions, but insert 3 questions of their own and answer those as well, so that they are STILL answering 19 questions. They in turn will nominate 3 bloggers of their choice, who will answer 16 of the 19 questions asked by their nominator, insert 3 new questions and answer those and then choose 3 new bloggers. By the time the week is up, and the next time l design a new questionnaire, the old 19 questions should not resemble the previous weeks at all.


The Rules …

…because there are always rules, are simple!

1] Thank the nominator

2] Answer Q1 – Q19  Questions

3] Nominate three bloggers of your choice and notify them.

4] Each selected blogger MUST answer 16 of the asked 19 questions, but also insert 3 new questions to make up the 19 compliment. Every time a new blogger is selected they MUST only answer 16 of the asked 19 questions as well as answer their own 3, and choose 3 new bloggers. Each time a new blogger sees the questionnaire it will be completely different to the next blogger along.

[Hint: delete three of the questions of you don’t like or have no answer for and insert your own in its place]

5] Q20 Must always remain intact.

Today, my questions to my 3 blogger’s are?


1] List 10 people [alive or dead] you would invite to dinner?

2] What are your goals to be achieved in the month of July 2018?

3] What is your earliest memory?

4] What are your views on mainstream music?

5] Where would you like to be in 7 years time?

6] What are the colour of your eyes?

7] Do you like word games – if so which ones?

8] What are your favourite comfort foods?

9] What animal would you like to have as a pet? [Provide an image]

10] Classical music or not?

11] 5 things about society that annoy you?

12] How important is creativity to people?

13] Do you have any siblings?

14] Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?

15] Your favourite childhood movie?

16] What traits do you display when nervous?

17] Are you healthy eater?

18] Bullet point your day so far.

19] What are your 5 most favourite scents/smells?

20] The three bloggers you are nominating are?


Ang4him – My Journey to Imperfection

Ray of RayNotBradbury

Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

This is the original question line up as of the 29th June 2018

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