Remains of the Day: Part 2#


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Remains of the Day

Part 2#

The Meeting

“It is such a genuine pleasure to meet with you.”
I said upon meeting Madame Janine Might,
“I have read all your articles, and l knew,
That with your writing up about us it would be ‘Just right’”
She had chosen to come here by her own means of transport,
Rather than the helicopter, or by trekker,
On the premise that she was on holiday the following day so denied the escort,
Offered her office by the restaurants’ chauffeurs,

Larger a woman, than l expected her to be,
Beautifully proportioned though it had to be said,
One who enjoyed her food l could easily see,
And if she was a horse, she would be a thoroughbred!
Her bosoms were enormous and flesh filled,
And l was in awe of her generous frame,
So much so, l stood for a moment totally thrilled,
Trying to think of a dish of  a new name!
You could tell by looking at her shapely figure,
Her rounded bottom, her curves were ‘Nice’,
Instantly l was taken by her over all demure,
And could see her with braised vegetables, sauce and brown rice!

But that is just me, l see all people like dishes of cuisine,
In my profession and experience as a chef,
One learns tricks of our trade if you see what l mean,
And it this in which l plan to share,
With her during my interview for her magazine,
In which l will explain to her about my life and lessons,
And she will then come to understand this evening,
What made my restaurant into the famous delicatessen!
That it is has become known as worldwide,
And is frequented by many established connoisseurs,
Who visit on regular basis and of course who did so decide,
To write off to her in the first place about whom we were!

Now we are both sitting at a small table overlooking it all,
The entire complexes of my wildest dream come true,
And if l say so myself l am impressed with the sprawl,
That resides below me, and is a remarkable view!
She is impressed with our in-house red wine,
That is manufactured here in Magura,
A rather stronger bodied red than some might find,
Elsewhere in Europe’s plethora’s,
Yes, say l, it is prepared by our own sommeliers,
Lizzie Batzhory and Fronken Steiner,
They took to the practice like skilled buccaneers,
And now craft their own wines like designers,

What they do with both red and white liquid,
Is incredible if l say so myself,
That they should be able to prepare it all so quick,
And need it not to stand for long upon the shelf!
Ah yes those two have been in my service for many a year,
It is safe to say without their talented skills,
That our little fancy restaurant l fear,
Would have to simply stand still,
For to not have fine wines of both red and white,
Present with our exotic dishes here,
Would make for the most dreadful fright,
To our client base who is simply adverse beer!

She is comfortable and looks to start her article,
Complementing the small hor d’oeuvres,
That she is munching through and classes as tropical,
Saying that they are indeed delightful small serves,
A small selection from our sous chef Lecter,
Specialising in the inner workings,
Of small animals brains and stem nectars,
Cooked especially with sauces whilst braising,

Janine informed me, that l was to be her last interview,
As she was to be going on her holiday,
Which was to be for a month or two,
And that she would be grateful if she may,
Use my fax machine to send the story to her editor,
By doing so ensuring that the article would be,
In the next months’ issue of ‘Restaurateur’,
Which would make me, she could tell most happy!

I can see by her explanation,
That the interview is to be fairly comprehensive,
And she wants to cover everything about the cafes’ characterisation,
Which pleases me more as l see the article is to be extensive,
She wants to know more about my history, and me,
How the idea originally was created,
What made me think of using the particular theme?
And how the a la carte menu was formulated,
How l picked my chefs,
And why they are named Fine Young Cannibals,
Not forgetting the actual complex,
Which she considers being completely radical!

The specialist experience at the tables,
And why we have so many residential regulars,
And how this enables,
Us to remain as popular as we are,
And l assure her, that she will not forget us in a hurry,
For l will award her with an interview of gold,
That will have her editor in a spellbound flurry,
For our methods here in Magura are somewhat bold,
In comparison to other restaurants around,
Europe and indeed the rest of the world,
Le Café Cannibal is one of a kind, and is renowned,
And its methods of cooking are old,
She requests more from the bottle of in house red,
Which l joyfully supply,
As l can see the contents are within her head,
But our reds are notorious for making the innocent awry …

© Rory Matier 2012

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14 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: Part 2#

  1. Really enjoyable series. With names Lizzie Batzhory, Froken Steiner and sous chef Lecter, I can’t wait to hear the name of owner. Not a place you would want to give a bad review.

    1. Thank you – his name is if anything relatively plain in truth “Jacques Montana Pettifers”, it is who he has collected over the years that ensure his name remains ‘specialist’. Glad you are enjoying it, l was rather reticent about its inclusion, as it is quite a taboo subject in certain parts of the world, but it fascinates me.

      Many years ago, l had a close encounter with a something of similar status, and since then have always had a rather morbid curiosity about the subject. 🙂

      1. I actually did a post last year about this subject because I have some objects left with some of my ancestors by a german missionary who was said to have been eaten by cannibals in Papua New Guinea in 19th century. This sort of unpleasant thing did happen and it is morbidly fascinating as part of human history.

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